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Hooray Thursday: Wedding Wow

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It’s Hooray Thursday once again! Today I am overwhelmed with the thought that it is only 118 days before OUR wedding. I must admit that we have been lax in our planning and preparations and one day, it just dawned on us, that it’s really time to move our b*tt and get kicking! *laughs* To keep my sanity, I am sharing to you some of our wedding tasks that we have accomplished, as I go through the status on our checklist.

photo(9) Wedding Ring. We have finally booked the jeweler whose got the design that my B fell in love with. I am happy that he is getting the ring he wanted. Brides-to-be, let us not forget that weddings are not only for us bride, but is also for our grooms, so include him in the planning and give into the details that he wants too. *wink*

photo(11)Wedding Cake. I couldn’t be happier to have found the cake maker who makes the prettiest, daintiest and most whimsical cake I have ever seen! Not only the design perfectly suits my taste, the inner “design” and actual flavor that I want will be done! Amen to that!

photo(10)Wedding Gown. The couturier is one of the earliest suppliers we have booked. As of this month though, we are still in the process of perfect-ing the actual gown to suit the design I have in mind. Crossing fingers that all goes well on our next fitting this coming August.

Being a hands-on bride-to-be, I am learning a lot of tips and tricks in planning and preparing for my own wedding. We are going to hire a coordinator but only for the actual day. With that said, it is very important that I understand clearly what I wanted to achieve for the wedding in order to communicate it to the suitable suppliers. It’s also important that you clarify and review the “contract” or “terms of agreement” for you to have a smooth transaction up until after the wedding.

It has been a whirlwind few months behind us, but I am excited that we agreed to accomplish at least one task per night. Hooray for more accomplished tasks! Hooray for the wedding details we are about to tackle!

For all the other brides-to-be AND grooms-to-be, happy prepping! *smiles*


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