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Hooray Thursday!

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I don’t know about you but I am definitely a fan of weekends ! Those lengthy sleeps in the comfiest bed with the softest pillow, waking up to the smell of a delicious brunch are one of the simple luxuries in life that I wish for every single day.

Reality bites – I wake up everyday, rushing to the bathroom, not having breakfast at home, wishing that I got up to the sound of my alarm and hurrying out the door to reach work, if not on time, at least just a few minutes late. That’s my normal morning habit. Not to mention that work can be dragging most days so I couldn’t tell you how thrilled I am come Thursday.

Even before we reached those precious days on weekends, we have Thursday. The dawning of this day is like welcoming of the most anticipated days of the week. So Thursday to me, serves up a very good purpose — retain my sanity. Ha!

The previous days have been very hectic, interesting and full of pressure. And so, I wanted to share stuff that I look forward to on weekends or in general; or perhaps cute, wonderful, random pictures or quotes I saved and collected over time that I think are worthy to be shared, to be enjoyed or just to inspire.

Here goes…

I pretty much haven’t given up on the thought that I can dance ballet. Good luck!

Major reason why I love weekends — spending time with my B.

Longer sleep is only feasible on a weekend.

I kind of want a kitchen like this.

I love breakfast with you.

Movie marathon in bed is the best. Lazy much?

I need to tackle our closet. Closet monster attacked it recently!

Lace is love.

I look forward to having this peg for a photoshoot. Game B?

I die to have a collection of pretty whimsical dresses.

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Hooray Thursday is dedicated to bringing you pretty, inspiring, even comical stuff so I hope you enjoy.


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    I will create Photoshop layers for the color effect of the last two pictures. ( :

    Ballet – ballet ballet ang butow!

    Closet monster??

    Game! Let’s buy ginormous balloons like that in the picture.

    Breakfast – Nogie’s or Partners? šŸ˜›

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