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only a little over a week now after our Tacloban-Cebu trip and i feel like days just flew by. and when i checked my calendar it is already October 17th? it’s almost the start of the second half of the month! time is moving far too quickly for my liking these days. i wanted to share lots of oh so nice photos from our trip (mostly food trip!) and from the latest Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner launch i attended yesterday, but all photos needs to be re-sized first. i am working closely with lightroom now although i am sooo sleepy.
*watched CSI episodes until late this wee morning*

Canon S95 and tape measure strap c/o Brian Sahagun{ photo of my Canon S95 gifted by my B from my last year’s birthday plus his very own handmade tape measure camera strap }

this camera is my witness of how much i enjoyed Tacloban eats!!!

and… i got to say that this tape measure camera strap made a number of followings. most of those who noticed my camera strap complimented of how creative and ingenious it is. i must say it really is clever and original if i do say so myself. kudos to master creative mind, Mr. Sahagun! and i hope he’d share to us a post on how he created this. *help me cheer him up here! wink* thanks for making this for me. you are wonderful. *smiles*

i’d be back (hopefully soon) for our travel and event photos. xoxo

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    But it’s two days already since the start of the second half of this month.

    I’ll take some time to scrounge the “in the making” photos of the camera strap. 😀

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