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When you’re pregnant and expecting, your entire life instantaneously changes one hundred eighty degrees. You’ll have tons of worries revolving your unborn child, you’ll have unhealthy food cravings which may cause you to gain more weight, your body will feel heavy like a bulldozer, you’ll get to know “morning sickness” which attacks pretty much anytime of the day and you’ll have heavy vaginal discharge — altogether making you feel queasy, unconfident, unattractive and unsexy.

When I’m feeling exactly that, here are surefire ways I do that help me regain my balance, my confidence and overall, feel clean and sexy while pregnant.

Nourish the mind.

Tuesdays with MorrieRead and write. Oftentimes, I read something uplifting, encouraging, and mind-stretching. I love to read a great book of inspiring quotes or a short chapter of a story of someone else’s victorious life. I don’t stop with just reading it, I write it – I create a digital artwork of the quotes that really spoke to me and share it. There is something about writing it out and sharing it to the world that helps the brain process it more fully than simply reading it.

Maya Angelou Quote

Nourish the spirit.

Bask in my “pregnancy glow”.
Thanks to the increased blood flow in my system, I enjoy my naturally-radiant and rosy-glow skin. I enjoy documenting my pregnancy journey with the help of my husband by capturing my preggy portraiture.

Preggy BoudoirKeep positive. Sexiness, like happiness, is a state of mind. I resolved with myself that I don’t have to be skinny to feel sexy. Instead of moping around, I think of the many blessings this pregnancy brings. I always try to remember that whatever I’m feeling can be felt by my baby, too, so it’s important that I remain happy and positive. Pray and meditate. I keep still and quiet to nurture my “spiritual self” and seek guidance from my God to bless me with grace to help me prepare for the greater gift and challenge of being a first-time mother. This gives me happiness, peace and strength within as I go through the rollercoaster ride of my pregnancy.

Nourish the body.

Exercise. We all know how vital exercise is to keep fit and stay healthy. Pregnancy is not an excuse to slump on the bed the whole day. I do belly dancing for pregnant women called “Sayuntis” or “Ang Sayaw ng Buntis” and light yoga at home. Exercise not only helps me keep fit, but it also gives me the energy I need to carry my bulging baby belly. Exercise

Eat healthy.
Eating clean and healthy is as important as exercising. I make sure to eat as many greens and fruits as I can, plus lots of fiber. And to prepare my body to produce more milk once my baby arrives, I prepare broth-based soups. Yum!

Stay clean down there.
Being pregnant entails having heavy-than-usual vaginal discharge, and this makes me more self-conscious, distracted and simply unsexy. To protect me against feminine discomfort and irritation which can lead to infection (yikes!), I begin by keeping my intimate area clean. I use BETADINE® Feminine Wash at least twice a week. Women can take care of themselves by maintaining a proper intimate hygiene habit to be protected from itchiness, irritation and odor — because “Clean is the new Sexy“.

Betadine Feminine Wash

Remember, a clean and confident woman is a sexy woman.


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