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IMC (International Master Chef) Kavino, Fusion Cuisine

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IMC Kavino Owner & Chef Owner, Wilson Tan and Chef Kevin Lau with Jaycelle of DollhouseDiary{ IMC Kavino Owner & Chef Owner, Wilson Tan and Chef Kevin Lau }

Usually when I hear Chinese restaurant, I automatically imagine eating the typical sweet and sour recipes, hot and sour soup, wontons or Chinese noodles. I know they taste delicious, like any comfort food but it does not always appeal to me esp. if I know I will eat by myself or by two’s. Normal Chinese restaurants in Manila offer huge servings that best cater to families or group of friends dining in.

I was invited to try IMC Kavino in Jupiter St., Makati City. The Fusion Cuisine intrigued me and decided to join. And after all the food I’ve tried, I’m glad I did!

Dollhouse Diary Scoop

I had a nice chat with one of the owners, Wilson Tan, and found out that IMC Kavino is his joint venture with long-time friend, Kavino Lau, who is the Chef Owner. Wilson used to work as the Banquet Manager at Century Park Hotel and Chef Kavino used to work at Heritage Hotel. This Chinese Fusion Cuisine, IMC Kavino restaurant, is their first ever joint venture.

When asked how they are different from other Chinese restaurants, Wilson said that aside from having an authentic Chinese chef, they crossover Eastern food to other Asian cuisine like Chinese, Japanese and Malaysian with Western element.

Quality Chinese good food is what they want to be remembered as so they do not scrimp on ingredients. Only the freshest available ingredients are used to prepare the dishes they are offering.

THE BEST PART is their portion servings are flexible. Meaning you can just order half portion of the dish you want to try. Their attendants were trained to not just get the customers’ order but to make suggestions and guide customers on how to order the right way to get the best experience while dining in their restaurant. Experience is key.

The Food On Our Table


Takoyaki Php388{ Takoyaki Php388 4pcs }

Not the typical Takoyaki balls that was introduced to me by a friend. This one is served in lettuce wraps. Tastes healthy and is one of my favorites.

Complimentary Oolong Tea{ Complimentary Oolong Tea, unlimited }

Hot teas is one of the things I like in Chinese restaurants. Helps me push down the many foods in my tummy and helps in digestion.

Chicken Buns Php108 3pcs{ Chicken Buns Php108 3pcs }

Pretty much looked like your typical Siopao. Though it’s called Chicken Buns, it is actually made of ground pork and it is the original version of the Bola-bola Siopao.

Veggie ala Beijing Php338{ Veggie ala Beijing Php338 6pcs }

This is the vegetarian version of their Peking duck wrap.


Pumpkin Puree Seafood Soup Php388{ Pumpkin Puree Seafood Soup Php388 }

Main Entree

Prawn with Salted Egg and Fried Kangkong{ Prawn with Salted Egg and Fried Kangkong }

King Dao Spareribs with Chinese White Wine and Mayo Php328{ King Dao Spareribs with Chinese White Wine and Mayo Php328 }

Drunken Chicken Php498{ Drunken Chicken Php498 }

This one is a cold dish, much like kilawin in Pinoy’s menu. This is my least favorite.

Three Cup Beef Tenderloin Cube{ Three Cup Beef Tenderloin Cube }

Beef + spicy = Winner for me!

Salted Fish Fried Rice{ Salted Fish Fried Rice }

Vegetable Curry Fried Rice{ Vegetable Curry Fried Rice }

Golden Garlic Yang Chow Fried Rice{ Golden Garlic Yang Chow Fried Rice }

Pan Grilled Mixed Mushrooms with Garlic{ Pan Grilled Mixed Mushrooms with Garlic }


Malayan Cake Php108 5pcs{ Malayan Cake Php108 5pcs }

Sweet puto-like little cake. *Reminds me of the puto I used to make with my mom. *smiles*.*

Snow Ball Php120 4pcs{ Snow Ball Php120 4pcs }

Snow Ball Php120 4pcs{ Snow Ball Php120 4pcs }

Glutinous rice with munggo filling inside. *Sorry for the photo, looked like evil eye.* But this is actually my most favorite of all the desserts.

Coconut Taro Black Rice Sago{ Coconut Taro Black Rice Sago }

The Ambiance and Service

They have dim lighting but is good enough to cozy up with friends while having dinner. Their restaurant can cater up to about 75 persons. It’s clean and they have plenty of staff who are pleasant and accommodating.

IMC Kavino
{ Chef Kavino’s medals on the wall }

Overall Verdict

All the food in their menu is worth a try esp. for the fact that you know you are only getting the best ingredients on your food. If you happen to see that there are some menu that are unavailable on your visit, that only means that they do not want to serve you mediocre food with mediocre ingredients. They don’t want to compensate quality ingredients just so they can completely present their menus. They’d rather want to have some unavailable items if it means they only want to serve the best rather than have a complete items on the menu with mediocre ingredients.

More than Chef Kavino’s medals, it’s the taste of their food that are making them proud of this restaurant venture. Also their menu prices are worth it for it’s taste.

Parting words from owner, Wilson Tan, “We’re doing our best to serve client the best service they deserve.” and I am in complete agreement to that.

To see more photos, please view in my Flickr.

OpenRicers at IMC Kavino{ OpenRicers in attendance with owner, Wilson Tan }

* You need to have a reservation to eat here, especially at night.
* Ask their attendants if they serve half-portions of the specific menu you want to try.
* Leave room for desserts! They’re just as good as the entrees.
* They pride themselves in their dim-sum. They can challenge any hotel at anytime. Try this during lunch time.
* Know that they serve authentic / fusion / vegetarian Chinese menu.

IMC Kavino
International Master Chef Kavino
136 Jupiter St., G/F Jupiter Place, Makati City
Telephone: +632 964-7545


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