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It’s a RED day!

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April 11, 2010

Early Sunday morning, we woke up and decided to eat out for breakfast. We dressed up and biked our way to Metrolane Complex in Cubao where the complex houses several food chains. My B suggested to eat at Chowking but I preferred to eat at Mc Donald’s. No matter what diet I’m in, I can’t seem to stay away from their yummy burgers and fries.

I just have an affair with Mc Donald’s that I can’t deny.

Metrolane Complex, 20th Ave., P. Tuazon, Cubao, Q.C. branch is open 24 hours.

{My ultimate McDo fave – Quarter Pounder with Cheese!}

The beef patty is so juicy and oh-so-good added with two slices of cheese = heaven.

But I don’t really like onions and pickles. I let B eat it! Ha ha.

{B ordered Double Cheeseburger because of this retro looking wrapper.}

But honestly, he would have ordered the same thing. 😀

{fries, fries, fries. yum!}

Selection of fruity summer desserts – Fruity Green Apple Sprite Float,  Fruity Blueberry Twist Sundae and Fruity Strawberry Twist Sundae.

I didn’t order yet since I thought it’s too cold for my throat that morning.


Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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    I knew it! There is the “I don’t like the onion bits” part. 😛

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      Maybe next time I’ll have the “I don’t like the garlic bits” if your camera caught me! 😛

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