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It’s the start of the ‘ber’ months!

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and i’m feeling all sentimental and excited! *smiles*

happy September 1st, dolls! i knew it from the cold breeze and snugly feeling that my favorite season is fast approaching once again! i can’t believe how time flies so so fast and we are now entering the start of the ‘ber‘ months. *feels like i am still just starting my 2011*

that means our upcoming travel getaway, my birthday, our love anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s and the long holiday is just peeping around the corner and waiting for it’s right time to unveil it’s glory. *oh yeah!* there’s a lot of exciting preparation and planning on the way! *can’t wait to start*

building_doubledecker{ Photo from Momentané }

on the other news, we moved offices and are now in makati. it felt like it was my 1st day back to school, not to mention the feeling of going to a new school when i first went to our new office. i must say that i wasn’t into the move and all at first (i’m not a makati girl!) but now that we’re already there, i can’t do anything but appreciate, accept and be excited about this refreshing change.

IMG_5155{ my little corner at the new office. sorry for the clutter as we just moved in last aug 31 *hehe* }

working in makati though requires a lot of patience and fondness for walking… real long distance! but hey, i’m happy with my corner office with the view of ayala ave. so i guess it’s all worth it. *smiles*

IMG_5156{ view of ayala ave. from my window }

that’s it for now, folks! keep it positive and may you all have something great to look forward to. xoxo


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