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Krazy Garlik goes to Greenhills

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Krazy Garlik Greenhills

Go on a garlicky adventure while tasting the different recipes from around the clove with Krazy Garlik’s newest branch at Promenade’s New Wing in Greenhills. Adding to the garlicky goodness of its roster of four restaurants, Krazy Garlik is now ready to feed the hungry foodies of the north. With flavors that will excite even non-believers, you shouldn’t miss out on this dining destination that glorifies the beautiful taste of garlic.

First time I’ve tried Krazy Garlik was with my girl friends at their Greenbelt 5 branch. Imagine the excitement of us, people from the North, to find out they opened a new branch in Greenhills. Now it’s closer to home and easier to visit when we crave for anything garlic-ky.

Interiors and Facade

Krazy Garlik Greenhills

For this garlicky adventure, we’ve tried nothing but their best sellers.


Spinach and Cream{ Spinach and Cream Php260. Deep-fried wanton wrapper stuffed with spinach and cream cheese. Served with salsa and kimchi }


Amazing KG Salad{ Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad Php325. A refreshing Asian salad mix. Cucumber, bell peppers, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing. Topped with fried wanton and peanut sauce }

1st favorite! I am loving pretty much any dish with cucumber, so much so if it is a refreshing salad like this. The onion did not pose a strongly awkward flavor, which I like. The tenderness of the chicken strips add texture and compliments the taste.


Stuffed Pechay{ Stuffed Pechay Php295. Pechay leaves stuffed with ground pork and smoked fish simmered in our coco chili cream sauce }

2nd favorite! Don’t you just love dishes that are stuffed?! Veggies and pork together sounds good to me.


Main Course

Hara Kiri Rice{ Hara-Kiri Rice Php265. Spicy fried rice with chilies, chopped shrimps, sliced squid and lean bacon }

3rd favorite! When they say this is a spicy fried rice, they really mean it. The tasty fried rice with a kick of spice? Heaven on my mouth! Not to mention, when it’s eaten with their crispy pata… Hands down my 2 ultimate favorites from this food tasting!

Garlicky Crispy Pata{ Garlicky Crispy Pata Php745. Deep-fried, crispy pork hock topped with garlic bits }

4th favorite! Spicy, garlicky, crunchy crispy pata. Perfectly paired with their Hara-Kiri rice. I had one too many servings of this combo. *burp*

40 Kloves Chicken{ 40 Kloves Chicken Half Php415. Chicken marinated in 40 garlic cloves. Served on a bed of our original garlic cream sauce }

Tuna Belly{ Tuna Belly Php425. Fresh hot-off-the-grill prime tuna belly topped with sauteed green chillies and garlic }

Tender, tasty and addicting. It’s not malansa at all, in fact I ate this on its own. Yes, pinapak ko! *grin*

Sweet 16 Chicken{ Sweet 16 Chicken Php465. Morsels of chicken, fresh pineapple chunks and capsicum in sweet and tangy sauce topped with crispy noodles }

Garlik Snowflakes{ Garlik Snowflakes Php450. A powerful combination of garlic and anchovy on a thin crust pizza with asiago and mozzarella cheese }

My favorites are in no particular order. They are all good tasting and true to its garlicky taste. It’s just a matter of preference and mine is almost always gearing towards the spicy and meaty dishes. I plan to dine here with my mom and let her experience the garlicky adventure and as for me, I’d like to try the other dishes that I was not able to try fully.

After all it’s the holidays and I think we all have credits to enjoy good food with good company as much as possible! *wink*

DPP_0048Customers can text their comment about any of the The Bistro Group restaurants whether good or otherwise. Comments will be directly sent to the management and you are assured that any concern will be heard and attended to.

On the side note, Server Ravin has been very polite and accommodating so that is a big plus in restaurants! Thumbs up, Ravin!

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Krazy GarlikAND soon-to-open branch at Shangri-La Mall!!!

Krazy Garlik
2nd Level, New Wing
Greenhills Promenada
11 am to 11 pm
Phone: 630 3733


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