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Leona Art Restaurant

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My B and I met with our friend Joseph and his new friend to catch-up over dinner. We were supposed to go to Chef Tatung which we later found out that they already moved to Fort area. Bummed with the thought that we cannot think of a “new” place we can try along Maginhawa St., I tried my hardest to remember this little hideaway eating place adjoining Maginhawa St. — Leona Art Restaurant.


This secret restaurant offers Italian and Mexican dishes freshly cooked upon ordering. Just allow ample time for your orders to be served. If you ARE REALLY HUNGRY and you already know what you would like to order, you can call and order in advance. Saves time and your sanity! *wink*

IMG_0591_dpp_1200_a-stormy-skyTheir price point is pretty OK too. It’s very reasonable for the taste of their dishes.

The interiors are just OK. It’s a bit swamped with tables actually. Although there are not a lot of diners, it would be so much better if they have more space in between tables so that you cannot overhear conversations from the next table. Another point for improvement would be their tablecloths, it seemed like they rarely wash them off and a dirty tablecloth is like an antidote to my appetite.

IMG_0594_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ His: Roast Chicken with mashed potato Php139 }

Only tried the mashed potato but it’s not the taste that I like the most.

IMG_0595_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ His: Three-cheese pizza Php180 }

It’s thin crust has just the right amount of crunchiness to it. You can really taste all the cheeses blended well together. It’s delicious with or without the hot sauce.

IMG_0598_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Hers: Chicken & Pesto Php165 }

¬†I really love their pesto sauce and how al dente the pasta is, my suggestion though is for them to update their grilled chicken recipe. It is TOO salty for my taste and that must be really salty because I’m known to like salty food.

IMG_0599_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Quesadilla Php110 }
This is our friend’s but I took a bite anyway, and it is so good. Hot and just fresh!


IMG_0608_dpp_1200_a-stormy-skyAside from being a restaurant, Leona Art also holds some knick knacks for the curious you but we have to go back there to take a picture, and maybe even shop some of them. *grin*

Overall, I love this little place. Taste and price-wise, it’s worth the trip. *wink*


Leona Art Restaurant
45 Matimtiman Street, Teacher’s Village
Quezon City
Phone: 929-7490


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