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Glenn and Maxine's Wedding
First kiss as husband and wife of Maxine (sister-in-law) and Glenn (my not-so-little brother). Photo by Brian Sahagun. <3

The start of my favorite ber months came in too strong leaving me playing catch up with last minute preparations for my (only) little brother’s wedding, assisting on B’s business, working on my personal biz, home management (basically everyday living like preparing food, eating and cleaning up after yourself take A LOT of time!) and now, preparing for baby’s arrival!

Life happened and I just have to live each moment!

Over the weekend was my brother’s wedding. The usual Jaycelle planned to squeeze in as much tasks as I can into our schedule. Since we checked in the day before the wedding, I planned to have a family portrait shoot before little brother ties the knot, our weekly baby bump shoot, our gender reveal shoot, as well as to “relax and unwind”. Ha! So much for a little r & r. But the reality is we weren’t able to do any of that.

Today, two days after the wedding was the only time I was able to get some rest. Earlier I was still in a high from this eventful weekend and I was feeling anxious. I kept thinking what else do I need to accomplish but I could not seem to move. Then I realized I need to sit down with my thoughts, in order to clear my head and really think — how was I feeling, what do I need to do, how do I move forward and get back on the grind.

I realized in order to move forward, I need to unload the many thoughts and emotions I’m feeling.

First off, I was planning to make a speech at brother’s wedding, but I guess due to time constraint and reception program priorities, speeches were limited to the best man and the mothers of the newlyweds. And so I’m going to make use of my little digital diary to share my speech for my brother and my sister-in-law.

Glenn and Maxine, congratulations to the both of you! I know you’ve waited 9 long years for this moment to be a reality and finally, here it is. I know you know that it isn’t easy planning a wedding. I believe that it’s actually one of the first tests to couples who are planning to spend the rest of their lives together. And like with our experience, we almost called the wedding off due to the overwhelming pressure, unending lists of tasks to accomplish and fights that surely seemed big at the moment but in reality it was just so petty and it’s just because of the overwhelming feeling that comes in planning a big event. But as couples, learn to stay friends and learn to forgive.

Maxine, welcome to the family. I think you know by now that we have strong family ties, and I hope that we also forge that close bonding as sisters in law. Glenn Mar might not be the perfect guy in all aspects, but what I’m proud of him is the fact that he is family-oriented and very close with me and our mom. You know what they say about guys who are family-oriented, right? “When the going gets tough, he won’t get going.” There’s just something special about being with a family man.

Glenn, I know how you honor commitment and I’m happy you stepped up your commitment with Maxine. I pray that God will guide your every decision for the betterment of your family. You might not know the answers to everything, but just be reminded of the reasons why you are doing what you are doing — the love for family, and that will guide you to do what’s best and what’s right.

To Tita Byng and to mom, I just want to say that I’m very proud of you, ladies. Technically you have raised Glenn and Maxine on your own. I think I know all the sacrifices you had to make for them, just to ensure they get the best out of their lives. And I know that it isn’t an easy job to do. Yet, we are all witnesses of how beautiful of a person Glenn and Maxine are, because of your guidance, support, caring and unconditional love.

Glenn, my not so little brother, you know we’ve been through a lot as a family. I’ve been your ate and will always be your ate who will urge you to defend yourself and punch the face of your enemies like when we were little kids, who will give you my money baon to buy snacks while waiting for our school service because you were saving all your baon (haha kuripot!) and to act like your second mother when dad passed away and I had to step up and assist mom in raising you. You know I have big big love for you, my little brother!

To Glenn and Maxine, I can only wish and pray for your good fortune and good health. As you start your own family, may you learn even more the value of strong family ties and the unconditional love of our mothers (just like what I’m learning now that I’m almost 2 years married).

May you be blessed with beautiful children and whatever good things your hearts desire.

You may not recognize our presence, or our little help, but Brian and I are always here for you both. We love you!

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Hi jaycelle, this is the first time i checked out your dollhouse.diary and im pretty sure that this wont be the last 😉 i love the message u wrote here for ur brother 😉 it touched me in a way.. congratulations and have a safe pregnancy! 😉

    -your jamesian classmate,
    Jameela 🙂

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      Hello Jameela!!! I’m so happy with your message, thank you! I surely hope you enjoyed your stop here on the blog and here’s to hoping this won’t be the last.

      Keep safe and continue doing good and helping others. God bless! 🙂

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    Hi Ate, I was teary-eyed while reading your post. You know I am not good at expressing my emotions but I know that you know how I value and how thankful I am with all the things that you do for me and our family. You and mom have been my strength. Your guidance played a very big part as to who I am now. And I know that I will continue to learn from you.

    To Kuya Brian, I want to thank you for keeping up with my sister. I idolize you because I can see how you love her. And because of that, I have high respect for you.

    Ate and Kuya, we’re excited to see our soon-to-be pamangkin! We pray that your delivery will be seemless and that your baby will be healthy.

    Ate and Kuya, I can’t enumerate the things you’ve done for us because it will go days to mention everything, but I want you to know that Maxine and I are very grateful that you are our ate and kuya. We love you both. Thank you

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