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Love Food, Don’t Waste

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Foodless Plate CampaignStudies show that we waste over 2,000 tons of food every single day in Metro Manila. And this is such a heart-breaking fact esp if we are aware that there are thousands, if not millions of people who don’t eat a decent meal at least three times a day. Thus, Healthy Options came up with an idea on how to solve the food wastage problem. And I am totally on-board in joining this campaign to fight food wastage!

Too much food gets thrown out. It’s time to take a stand against food wastage! Join the Love Food, Don’t Waste campaign now.

Here’s how:

  1. After eating, post a photo of your empty plate on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  2. Include a caption and don’t forget the #foodlessplate hash tag.
  3. Share your #foodlessplate photo on your other social media accounts.
  4. Tag the Healthy Options Facebook page (fb.com/HealthyOptionsPhilippines), Twitter (@_HealthyOptions), and Instagram (@HealthyOptionsPH) accounts.
  5. A donation will be made to Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc.’s EAT TO FEED program once we reach 500 entries. So invite other friends to join the cause!

You can submit one photo per day. Your #foodlessplate photos need to be set to public in order for them to count.

We can all help stop Food Wastage. Remember, every single plate matters. Love Food, Don’t Waste.

Upload a photo of your #foodlessplate to feed someone in need.



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