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To Venice PiazzaPhotography by: Brian Sahagun

Today marks my 5 sporadic years in blogging. I didn’t time this “comeback” post. I just happen to be successful in finding my very first attempt in blogging through Xanga… and then through Lulu and Teacups… which eventually gave way to Dollhouse Diary.

Reading my very first posts reminded me that blogging was my way to release all that pent-up emotions and share it to the world. Those song lyrics represented a part of the pain I was going through when mere words were not enough to define what’s going on inside me. Those little diary entries shed some light on the forgotten detail of what really happened in the past.

It evolved from merely sharing my pain to celebrating my joys and triumphs; from frowns and tears to smile and laughter.

Blogging will always be a part of me. It will always be my way to immortalize all the good and the bad.

And no matter how many times I stopped, stumbled and fall… I will always get back up… and blog. That’s for sure.


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