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Lulu’s getting all excited!

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I’m getting all excited for the first ever foodie event that me and my B will participate in!

The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and MASED Foundation in partnership with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

Originally, they didn’t highlight that San Miguel products are included but now they are and I’m excited to try San Miguel Premium All-Malt and see what it taste like.

This big event will showcase the newest & most interesting food offerings from all 52 food suppliers in the Metro.

I can’t wait to be a food critic for a day!

Your Epicurean,


P.S. This event closed their pre-registration two days ago and will not accept walk-in guests anymore because it’s overbooked.

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    Nice to meet you too. Thanks for the twitter message. Hope we can follow each other. 🙂


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      I’m definitely following you now! 🙂

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