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Hello everyone! Last week was pretty hectic for me, but before you raise your eyebrows (being that I’m almost always busy)… let me inform you that I’ve started on one of my dream careers which is also a part of my birthday wish list — I entered makeup school! I’ve always love makeup and everything about beauty and this is just to enhance the skills that I believe is innate in me. *batting eyelashes* I was just in heaven knowing what I had to know about makeup from three of my wonderful instructors. And this is just a beautiful start.

And to show you some of the before and after photos of my models, I will share them here on my blog while I fix everything on my other website that will be dedicated to makeup! Of course I will keep you posted once it’s up!

Day 1 – Base Foundation

Model: Glarence Bernardo

Before Pic: Model - Glarence Bernardo

After Pic: Model - Glarence Bernardo


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