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At times when I am out of town aka out of my comfort zone, I enjoy the fun feeling of discovering a cool place — may it be a nice coffee shop, desserts place or a stretch-tummy-worthy restaurant. There are only a few places I’ve discovered yet in Cavite (B’s hometown), and the recent one is Malen’s. It’s ambiance was the reason it caught my attention. This place stood out amongst the other establishments because of it’s twinkling lights against the night sky. The place looks romantic.

Complimentary breads are always something I enjoy especially when it’s freshly baked and it’s good that this place is also a bakeshop. We tried to sample different food types and thus we ended up ordering a pasta, a pizza, a wrap and their famous roast beef!





 IMG_9110_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Mexican Wrap }

IMG_9109_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Baked Salmon Herbed Cream Pasta }

IMG_9107_dpp_1200_sahagun{ Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Vegetables }


Overall we enjoyed the food, although it can be improved in taste. They usually have affordable weekend lunch or dinner buffets which we might try when we are in the area.

Come join me on my next foodiscoveries!


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