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Mesa, Filipino Moderne

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July 16, 2010, Friday
(This is rather an uber late post.)

After work on a Friday, I met up with my boyfriend for dinner. We went to Atrium to scout the most interesting restaurant and perhaps the one that we haven’t tried yet. We spotted Mesa, Filipino Moderne (which we planned to try when we were in Greenbelt 5 but they were fully booked!) So we headed here right away.

We weren’t totally surprised that their Atrium branch is fully-booked on a Friday night as well. Must mean that their food is really good. Despite the line, we waited. And finally we got our seats. The staff are courteous and friendly.

{ They’ve got a hard-bound menu. Interesting but a bit heavy. }

Unfortunately, for some reason, I felt so full and had close-to-no-appetite. I looked for salad and here’s what I got..

{ Tofu salad with shrimp and century egg. Php240 }

I love tofu and shrimps in general but this salad didn’t hit the right spot. It’s probably because I’m not a fan of century egg. I only ate three pieces of each you see on the picture. Luckily, my B helped me finished it but he only ate the shrimps! Haha.

{ fresh buko juice }

Since I’m full but still want to eat something, however don’t want to eat my salad anymore, I opted to order fresh buko juice. I enjoyed this while listening to an old sad movie B watched. Good thing I didn’t watch it with him. Nobody wants a downer movie! But knowing B, he will finish the movie no matter how downing or ugly the story is. Kudos to you! 😛

{ This is where we were seated. }

{ And this is where I’d like us to be seated. Their couch looks so comfortable and offers a sense of privacy when two couches faces together. And look at their bamboo wall decor, very Filipino. }

{ Pinakbet with Bangus belly. php180 }

What I noticed with my boyfriend ever since is that he loves ordering veggies. And if I wasn’t afraid that I’ll finish his food, I would have eaten what he ordered. Traditional Pinakbet served with crispy bangus belly. This I like better than my tofu salad. *wink*

{ It’s like one of our little traditions to take ‘mirror shots’ anywhere we can. }

I have yet to try their best-sellers and the rest on their menu. So as to give a fair review of their food, we will go back (especially when I’m not full) to taste the Filipino fusion cuisine they are offering.

Mesa, Filipino Moderne
2nd Floor, Atrium
SM Megamall
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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    hi jaycelle… we ate here yesterday. 🙂 our table is the one on your right. i would also love to be seated on the orange couch but it’s just me and fiel… we ordered kare-kare and i also got the fresh buko juice and everything was sulit! 🙂

    anyway, just wanna let you know that i enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at all the great photos! 🙂 kudos to you and bri!

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      Hey Tin,

      You brighten my day with your message. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my posts and hope you’ll continue to enjoy my future entries. We appreciate it, thanks! : )

      Maybe next time we should all go together and reserve that orange couch! Haha.. And, we have yet to try their Kare-Kare. 😀

      Regards to Fiel! : )

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