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NACI Comfort Food, your comfort place

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Let me just warn you — this post will make you salivate due to the flood of deliciously-looking and even more deliciously-tasting line up of food fare!

NACI is all about having the complete dining experience. From the refreshing, brightly-colored interiors, to the smooth servers down to the delectable dishes that’s truly a sight to behold — dining at NACI truly is a feast to delight in!

NACI means “rice” in Kapampangan but they did not limit their menu to Pampanga dishes alone, in fact they specialize in rice dishes but they have an impressive line up of menu!

NACI basically translates international cuisine and local comfort food to something that’s palatable fusion to your taste buds.


NACI Comfort FoodThe spacious interior is inviting. Totally made me feel welcome! And who doesn’t love quilted chairs? Or quilted anything?? *I know I do!*

I’ve never been to their Greenhills branch where they stayed for more than a year before transferring to Bonifacio Global City but my friend said that this new interior design is much preferable for him.

NACI Comfort FoodIn total the interiors look so hip, so young, so vibrant! The high ceiling helped a lot in making it inviting, homey and refreshing to the eyes.

NACI Comfort FoodThe bright-hued chairs gave this place a happy vibe — perfect to capture the attention of the yuppies around Fort business district and the families or friends looking for a place to celebrate life’s achievements, whether big or small.

NACI Comfort Food Cohen-Friendly MenuWhile waiting for our feast, I’ve noticed that they have Cohen-friendly menu. This is something first for restaurants to offer and as of right now, there are only a few who are doing this and one of the very few is NACI. *wink*

NOW… shall we start our visual feast?

Note: This is the only time I used *pigging out* again!


My top favorites: Classic Salpicao — high quality, super tender and flvorful beef and Beef Taco Springroll — the no-mess taco! *hmmm… so good!!!*

NACI Comfort Food Nat's Appetizer Sampler Php520{ Nat’s Appetizer Sampler Php520 }

Choice of Four of Naci’s Best Selling Appetizers. Ours was Beef Taco Springroll, Cajun Mozzarella Balls, Classic Salpicao and Glazed Chicken Wings.

*Price-wise, getting the sampler proved to be much more reasonable than ordering each appetizer separately.


My top favorite: Kani Mango Crunch Salad. This is my salad of choice. Easy to eat plus I love the wasabi-mayo salad dressing!

NACI Comfort Food Kani Mango Crunch Salad Php280{ Kani Mango Crunch Salad Php280 }

NACI Comfort Food Tofu Green Salad Php220{ Tofu Green Salad Php220 }


This is the part where I had a hard time deciding which is my favorite… because I seem to be saying “that’s my favorite!” on all the rice dishes that’s being served. I have my top favorites, that’s for sure.. but “walang tulak kabigin” is how I can describe these selection.

Go, taste for yourself!

NACI Comfort Food Shrimp Jambalaya Rice Php480{ Shrimp Jambalaya Rice Php480 }

NACI Comfort Food Peruvian Chicken Rice Php480{ Peruvian Chicken Rice Php480 }

NACI Comfort Food Chuchifrito Rice Bowl Php280{ Chuchifrito Rice Bowl Php280 }

I didn’t get to taste this so this is my unfinished business at NACI! Another reason for going back!

NACI Comfort Food Grilled Mahi Mahi Php380{ Grilled Mahi Mahi Php380 }

NACI Comfort Food Oven Baked Bbq Chicken Php320{ Oven Baked Bbq Chicken Php320 }

NACI Comfort Food Braised Beef Ossobucco Php520{ Braised Beef Ossobucco Php520 }


NACI Comfort Food Nadine's Adobo Cannelloni Php360{ Nadine’s Adobo Cannelloni Php360 }

Nadine shared how the late Chef Ed Quimson came up with this dish. She said she wanted a union of her comfort food — adobo and pasta. The result? This tasty and easy to eat adobo cannelloni pasta. Truly a comfort food, at its best!


NACI Comfort Food Smoked Salmon Pizza Php540{ Smoked Salmon Pizza Php540 }


Mother-daughter NACI co-owners, Lovely Rivero and Nadine{ NACI co-owners — Lovely Rivero and daughter, Nadine }


Most restaurants tend to disregard their desserts menu.. but not NACI. I was amazed with their extensive selection of desserts and these are not all there is. In fact, they are still working on some new desserts that they will eventually add to the menu.

Good food + delicious desserts = NACI for the winning combo!

My top favorites are: Chocolate Ganache Cake, Pistachio Sansrival, Red Velvet Cupcake and  Black and White Cupcake.

NACI Comfort Food Mango Jubilee Php220{ Mango Jubilee Php220 }

Chocolate Ganache Cake: “The Chocoholic’s Dream” Php165/slice{ Chocolate Ganache Cake: “The Chocoholic’s Dream” Php165/slice }

Caramel Cream Cake: “Creamy Indulgence” Php130/slice{ Caramel Cream Cake: “Creamy Indulgence” Php130/slice }

Red Velvet Cake: “The Southern Sweetheart” Php130/slice{ Red Velvet Cake: “The Southern Sweetheart” Php130/slice }

Pistachio Sansrival: “Crispy Comfort” Php120{ Pistachio Sansrival: “Crispy Comfort” Php120 }

Red Velvet Cupcakes Php75{ Red Velvet Cupcake Php75 }

Black and White Php90{ Black and White Cupcake Php90 }

If you’re looking to have a delightful dining experience, go and try NACI Comfort Food! Highly recommended. *wink*

Want to see more photos?

NACI Comfort Food
Unit 3, Two Parkade, 7th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Phone: 847-6224
Mobile: 0917-5234315
Email: nacicomfortfood@gmail.com


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    I must grab something to eat now! Nagutom ako sa pagbabasa nito. 🙂 Cha & I will have a taste of NACI kapag nasa The Fort kami! Good writing and nice photos, Ms. Jayce! 🙂

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      Thanks so much, Lie! 🙂 And yes, please do try NACI, you won’t regret it. Lahat masarap! It will be just a matter of which one will be your MOST favorite hehehe. Update me if ever you’ll go there! 🙂

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    […] little place where we can eat so we had to settle. And since I missed to eat this pork dish called Chuchifrito from NACI, I’ve been craving for this or something similar and this did not disappoint to satisfy my […]

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