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NamNam, truly malinamnam

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More and more restos are sprouting in Makati and I’ve visited one that is perfect for small, medium or large group, it’s called NamNam — a fresh and delightful take on Filipino comfort food.

IMG_7045{ Even the interiors have a modern take on Filipino restaurant look }

If you are the type who craves for a classic Pinoy dish, expect NamNam to satiate your cravings. And if you are the type who wishes to put twists on your classic Pinoy favorites, be ready to be surprised with their version of twisted classic Pinoy dishes!

IMG_7032{ Ensaladang NamNam Php115, small }

I love the combination of pomelo and green mango taste. Just the right sour taste enough to whet your appetite.

NamNam is just one of the concept restaurants by the same team behind Que and Burger Bar. Their urge to put up this concept sprung because they feel that Filipino cuisine is under-served hence the birth of NamNam last January 2013.

IMG_7038{ Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon Php215, small }

This one surprised me. I’ve been eating that red thing (see above) and thought it was tomatoes and was so surprised to know that it is the watermelon! It gave the classic sinigang a spun of sweet against its sour taste.

IMG_7034{ University Fried Rice Php135, small }

Perfect for solo eaters. Its comparable with rice bowl meals — you have your meat embedded in the flavored rice and now top with sunny side up. Comfort in a bowl!

IMG_7036{ Caramelized Patis Wings Php155, small }

Don’t be fooled with the name. Although it says patis (fish sauce), this is not salty at all. It has the right crisp to the bite, enough sweet, salty and spicy to the taste. Sarap papakin!

IMG_7041{ Buko Pineapple Shake }

Another menu item that has a surprising twist. Tastes more Pineapple than it looks.

IMG_7047{ Gata Leche Flan Php85, small }

A classic Pinoy dessert twisted with rich flavor of gata (coconut milk). If you are not too much of a sweet tooth, better share the small serving with a buddy.


What I personally liked about them is that they have small (good for 1), medium (good for 3) and large (good for 6) servings which I think is brilliant. They also presented their menu in a 50/50 presentation — half classics – half twists (if only I have a better photo of their menu, you’ll know what I mean!)

So even if you’re a solo eater, there’s surely a dish for you. Same if you’re dining with a big group, you can opt to choose several dishes in medium so you can share and you can taste a lot more dishes than just eating your own dish order.

Have a taste of malinamnam goodness at NamNam!

G/F Greenbelt 2, Esperanza St cor Greenbelt Dr
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 625-0515


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