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“Opportunity knocks at the strangest times, It’s not the time that matters but how you answer the door.” Steve Gray

I was presented with an opportunity to do something that I enjoy to do leisurely, as a job. Guess I’ve been playing safe in my life a whole lot that’s why behind the gleeful excitement lies the questions like “Is this really happening? Is this a good thing, a refreshing change? Can I handle it?” etc etc.

Then again, as the saying goes “The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It’s whether our work fulfills us.” by Malcolm Gladwell, I know there has NEVER been a good time to say YES to opportunity than NOW. For now I take it one day at a time and just patiently wait for Life to unfold it’s beautiful plans before my eyes. *hopeful smiles*

And as if getting a compliment from my boss saying he visited this blog and saw how passionate I am with what I’m doing (enough to offer me to write for commercial use!) is not enough… I received this pretty little gift box from my darling B!

Jewelry Box Pictures
Look how pretty that little jewelry box is?

Jewelry Box PicturesAll my precious little treasures will try to squeeze into this cute little thing! Thanks, my B for this sweet surprise and for this lovely dreamy photos. *swoon*

What opportunities did you welcome with your arms wide open? What opportunities did you fail to acknowledge? How is it working out for you? Have you been genuinely surprised lately? I’d love to know. xx

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    super nice gift box, its perfect for you! 🙂 I agree with you! We have the power to create! and make things happen, sometimes, waiting becomes our comfort zone. Life is all about RISK. 🙂 God loves to see doing what He designed us to do.:)

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    Thanks, Mara. I really really like this from before but I did not buy it and I’m so surprised it was gifted to me! 🙂
    I like that line – God loves to see us doing what He designed us to do. I should make that my motto to remind me that there’s nothing to lose if I take the leap and jump every time there’s a chance to fly because for sure He will guide me through. 🙂

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