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Orchard Road Experience

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Orchard Road is a road in Singapore  that is the retail and entertainment  hub of the city-state.”

This uniquely Singapore street, now has a newly opened restaurant named after it located at the Bridgeway, 3rd floor of SM Megamall.

B ate here for the first time a couple of weeks back and maybe he recalled the food to be good-OK and so he suggested for us to dine here for dinner.

Their place is spacious and roomy with lots of tables for diners. And they also have an open type kitchen so you can take a peek at what the chefs are cooking and decide what you’d like to order from there (as you can see from the picture above).

Once you are seated, you will be given an order form complete with all the foods their serving.

While deciding what to eat and waiting for the order…

We played with B’s newest vintage camera – Canonet something. He he.


And since I am not familiar with most of the Singaporean dishes, we asked the waiter for the spicy dish they have.

And he suggested this…

Laksa – a coconut-based curry soup.Php145.

Surprisingly, I liked it. One complaint though is that I wish they served this noodle soup hot. It’s spiciness will surely be enhanced if they served it to me uber hot!

For B’s order, he got…

Black Pepper Chicken & Rice. Served with egg. Php145.


Popiah. Fresh spring rolls. Php45.

For drinks…

Chin chow. Php45.

Calamansi (hot). Php45.

Happy eating!


Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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      I told you I remembered your first reaction to their food! “OK lang” means not good.

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    Naku! Foods are not as good as Singapore’s dishes…

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      I have a feeling too that it’s not as good as the original Singaporean dishes. I have yet to compare when we go visit SG! 😛

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