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a little afternoon

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the past weekend have been a dazzling experience after Furne One’s shimmering collection unfolded before our very eyes. the energy was so high, we gazed in amazement, captured momentous photographs and applauded his brilliant designs.

and when the energy wore off and started starving, we grabbed a grub at a classic family favorite, Shakey’s!

{ His: Super Platter Meal. Two slices of Hawaiian Delight Thick Crust Pizza, one piece Chicken, Mojos, Chicken ‘n’ Corn Soup, Garden Fresh Salad and Raisin Oatmeal Cookie with Spaghetti. Php180 }

{ Hers: Bunch of Lunch. Chicken, Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, a slice of Hawaiian Delight Thick Crust Pizza and Mojos. Php122 }

how could i forget about this comfort food? it’s a classic, no-fail, delicious food.

since we’re in greenbelt, we sneaked in a little date. said some prayers at the chapel. laughed and toyed in the park and pretended to feed a pool of Koi fish.

{ Sto. Nino de Paz Chapel }

it was a perfect, sunny, little afternoon walk in the park.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

Furne One 10.10.10

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This has got to be the most breathtaking weekend-event that we’ve been to. Thanks to stylebible.ph for the free ticket to the Filipino international fashion designer, Furne One’s debut in Manila.

Furne One 10.10.10 is an encore show held at the Quezon Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La yesterday, October 10 2010 at 10.30am. (and thanks to my B for joining me in watching this fabulous show!)






The Happy List

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{ Aguinaldo Shrine taken last Oct 03 on our little field trip, blog post to follow }

Hello friends. Hope you had an awesome weekend!
Here’s sharing my happy list. Hope you made one, too. *smiles*

Lulu’s Happy List

  1. Dexter’s choco eclair and creampuff
  2. mom’s laughter while watching her fave reality shows
  3. my B’s intro to iskalamoochy
  4. Russian cookie with love
  5. arranging photos in our 1st ever photo album
  6. little field trip to Aguinaldo Shrine with my B
  7. our mid-week rendezvous
  8. fun family date
  9. free ticket to Furne One’s 10.10.10 show c/o stylebible
  10. watching Glee with my B
  11. amazing amazing Furne One’s fashion show. Beautiful creations!
  12. a little date at Greenbelt