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Hooray Thursday: All Things Puuurty

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thinking of parties have been a good way to put a smile on my face. lately, party decors such as balloons, confetti, banners, flowers, paper lanterns, all things pretty and all the lovely things to make an even more special occasion has been occupying a little space in my head.

i’ve been trying to think of a name for my style where pastels, romantic, elegant, vintage, old-world charm, classic, english-style, shabby chic are the most favored ones. i guess there would be a name for it but i’d like to call it the ‘that’s jaycelle style‘. *giggling*

who wouldn’t want to join a party as gorgeous as this?

{ balloon party }

{ pretty flowers table setting }

{ hanging flower bottles }

{ colorful pompoms and lanterns }

{ beautiful table mess }

{ puuurty umbrellas }

{ loving all the party mess here }

{ care for some sweet treats? }

{ it’s just so ethereal. i’d love to have a party decor like this- soon! }

{ a lovely touch for a vintage-inspired celebration }


Sources: weheartit and etsy


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When I first read about this blog contest, I couldn’t help but get lost on the many different changes in my life that I would like to write about. The most that stood out is the turn of events when my father passed away almost 6 years ago.

Before that tragedy happened, I was already working at my first job and earning my own money. Since I have my dad and my mom providing for our family, I was just ecstatic to be handling my own money. Weekly shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories that caught my eye; hanging out in bars with friends; collecting fashion magazines that I sometimes don’t read are just some of the things I took pleasure in. That is what I call ‘handling’ my own money. Not quite. I was focused on me, myself and I. Just like when I was a kid, I was used to getting what I wanted when I wanted it. My dad used to call me his princess. And just like real princesses or the ones you read on story books, I was pampered, deeply loved and cared for.

{ dad and daughter tandem! }

No wonder why I was happy-go-lucky, carefree as I can be. That was all before an accident took my dad away from us one Thursday morning.

I was at work and got a call from my mom, crying. I’ve got the most tingling sensations down my spine hearing her tell me that my dad is in the emergency room of a hospital. Even though I don’t really know exactly what happened, I know something was wrong with my dad. He’s the healthiest and strongest man I know – he doesn’t have any vices. And he was never admitted in any hospital for any sickness, never. So I had a big question in my head – what happened to my dad? I got goose bumps and can’t stop crying from office going to the hospital. But I even bought him a hamburger thinking that he might be in the emergency room way too long and he might be starved. That was the last thing I could have done for him. I was late. My dad’s gone.

Lots of thoughts of regrets flashed in my head. I could have given up a night out with friends to hang out with my family to watch TV. I could have done the household chores when my dad asked me to help out. I could have shared that spaghetti with him while we bonded sharing stories the night after my birthday (four days before he was gone), but I didn’t. I felt pain and guilt for probably not showing enough care or making him feel how much I love him.

hoping that your monday is nothing short of amazing!

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my day at work continues to be crazy busy (since last week) and i just want to say hello and hoping that your monday is nothing short of amazing! few more days left before we welcome october so that’s more reason to be jolly! (at least for me, BER months is just my favorite because of the few lovely reasons to celebrate!)

{ from our despicable-me-date last september 20 }

the past week until weekend have been pretty much wonderful (despite being crazy busy). i spent a few lovely dates with brian watching despicable me (and loving it), red-ribbon-dinner with choco mallows pasalubong because i craved for it (he’s just wonderful like that *blush* ), a quick little trip to eton centris walk (potential new date place), bacon stromboli and italian chicken with pesto dinner at bigoli ristorante with double chocolate gelato for sweet ending, and a little trip to landmark’s department store kitchen section (i just love scouting for pretty little glassware!)

we capped off the weekend watching episodes from the new season of csi las vegas, csi new york and scary movie – the others and last but not the least, aladdin! love .

thanks my B for being amazing with me.