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Eat & Go

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July 09, 2010, Friday

If you want fast yet still delicious meal, head on over to Eat & Go. Eat & Go is a fast-casual, up-and-coming restaurant owned by Burgoo group of restaurants.

They got all sorts of quick and filling meals like sandwiches, salads, pastas and London pies aside from their list of main entrees, appetizers and desserts.

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT’

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Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors—Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

Omelet with Love

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Since I cannot cook for you right now, here’s my omelet with love. From me to you, my B.

Next time we’ll make the perfect omelet.

With lots of bacon and cheese.

I hope you’re feeling better already.


Photo credits: Brian Sahagun