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We’re having a makeover!

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Hi dolls!

Lulu and Teacups blog has been around for only a little over half a year but we are already building a new home.

With the help of my ever talented and creative B, Brian Sahagun, whose finishing up designing and building my ‘dream’ house.

I’m all excited about this project because for the first time, I will actually have my very first Dollhouse!

Yes, that’s right. We will re-launch my blog under it’s new name, Dollhouse Diary, with its all-new peachy design.

Isn’t it charming, dainty and dreamy, fit for dolls?!

A little tweak here and there and SOON we will let you in into our new home.



The Happy List

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Lulu’s Happy List

June 28, 2010 Monday

1. Being an inspiration for positivity
2. dreaming of cream puffs
3. our Palawan photoshoot pics were used in one of my friend’s online store site
4. adobo tagalog. delicious!
5. quick snack – hotdog waffle
6. getting on the first train
7. being home early
8. slouch on the couch
9. comfort of my bed
10. pajamas


Zsi-Zsi’s Baby Shower @ Celsius Gastrolounge

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June 19, 2010 Saturday

We had a surprise baby shower for Brian’s soon-to-be niece at Celsius Gastrolounge.

Here are photos of the fun celebration we had.

Tinkerbell themed balloons.