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Lulu’s getting all excited!

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I’m getting all excited for the first ever foodie event that me and my B will participate in!

The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and MASED Foundation in partnership with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

Sunday Family Crossover Brunch

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One fine Sunday (a couple of weeks ago) was Tita Vilma’s birthday. And we celebrated the special occasion at Dusit Thani in Makati.

The Happy List

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Lulu’s Happy List

May 4, 2010 Tuesday

1. braving a new road (literally)
2. only 7 minutes late
3. sugar overload
4. vacation leave re-approved
5. more new tasks after vacation
6. packing day
7. one more night (few more hours) before cebu trip!
8. the people i love and who loves me back
9. getting in touch with friends
10. green tea benefits

Photo credits: we heart it