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The Happy List (Inspiration)

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Lulu’s Happy List

April 16, 2010 Friday

1. It’s a Friday!
2. being at work on time though i turned off alarm, whew.
3. joining two contests here and here
4. dress shopping
5. bonding with mom
6. seeing celebrity photos sans cosmetics
7. lovely paper goods
8. photograph inspirations of whimsical, dreamy, lovely things
9. ‘me’ time
10. ? B time. which i love the most. ?


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Photo credits: flickr

The Happy List

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Lulu’s Happy List

April 15, 2010 Thursday

1. healthy lunch

2. sweetest pineapple

3. chatting with my B. he dreamt about our 2 babies-to-be. one is the cutest-baby-girl & the other one is in my tummy. ? blush ?

4. foodie event set on may

5. date with my mom

6. swimsuit hunt

7. handmade accessories ideas

8. exploring new lovely blog

9. yummy dessert

10. charming photographs

Photo credits: we heart it

Happy birthday, daddy! (The Happy List)

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This post was scheduled yesterday but I lost track of time.

April 14th was my daddy’s birthday. He would have been 55 years old this 2010. We badly miss him. But we console ourselves thinking that he is in a much better and peaceful place with our creator.

Nevertheless, we miss you so much daddy.

Happy birthday, daddy!