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Land of dreams…

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Summer Lovin’

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{Summer 2008 – Coron, Palawan}

brian and i were searching for one-of-a-kind and exceptional seashells.

and that is one of the many things i’d like to do (again) with  him this weekend,

on our first summer getaway this 2010.

i seriously can’t contain my excitement. couldn’t focus at work

(but managed to finish some tasks. thank goodness.)

dreaming about all things summer – colorful & bright!

have a rainbow-colored one!

Here goes March

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i can’t believe its march already!

not that i’m complaining.

it’s just that i can’t believe how time flies by so so fast.

but i’m excited with a few things this month.

today is the start of the official countdown for my B’s birthday! whoohoo!

who knows, we might end up celebrating his special day at the park..

or at the beach? wherever it may be, i just wish that B will have a blast. *wink wink*


five days from today will be our first summer get-away!

caramoan, here we come!

so excited for a lot of summer escapade and bonding under the sun!

hope you enjoy everyday of summer!