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MUNI Market Day

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MUNI Market Day 3MUNI Market Day promotes healthy, sustainable living with a fun, community vibe.

Now on its 3rd run, MUNI Market Day continues to bring together mindful merchants and conscious consumers, this time on March 28, 2015, 9AM-5PM at Capitol Commons. True to its mission of providing not just an avenue for sellers, MUNI Market Day continues with its goals to educate guests on how to introduce healthier, more sustainable options into their lifestyle.
Apart from feasting on wholesome food and buying local or Eco-friendly products, interested attendees can sign up for workshops on Urban Farming by Bahay Kubo Organics, Plant-based Nutrition by The Superfood Grocer, Vegan / Gluten-Free Cooking by Jertie’s Kitchen, and Indoor Planting by The Green House Project.

MUNI Market DayAlso, one of the unique draws or highlights of MUNI Market Day is the selection of musicians who bring a lot of good vibes throughout the event.
MUNI Market Day is brought to you by MUNI, a collaborative community that has been working to promote mindful living through events like this, meetups, forums, or other workshops, design collaborations, and content, which can be found on www.muni.com.ph, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more inquiries or possible collaborations, e-mail the Muni team at events.muni@gmail.com, or merchants.muni@gmail.com for interested merchants. For more information visit www.muni.com.ph/MuniMarketDay3.

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Happy International Women’s Month!

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Happy Womens Month

Happy Women’s Day, to all the gorgeous and courageous super-women all over the world!

Since March 8 is the International Women’s Day, and March is considered as Women’s Month, I’ve rounded up all the inspirational stories around the globe to uplift women even more. Cheers to YOU, lady!

  1. Quotes on Womanhood By Female Authors That Totally Nailed It
  2. Tricks Every Lady Should Know
  3. Kickass Fictional Heroines We Want To Be BFFs With
  4. Best Girl Power Playlists
  5. Stunning Images Of Women At Work All Over The World
  6. Best Moments For Women In 2014
  7. Gorgeous Illustrations How Women Are Changing The World
  8. Inspirational Images Of Women Standing Up For The Right To Choose

A Threadless T-shirt

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Wash Your Name Tee Design on Threadless by Brian Sahagun
WASH YOUR NAME Design by Brian Sahagun. Pun intended for pun-ny people!

What is Threadless?

Threadless is a purveyor of great arts in great canvases like t-shirts, designed by the creative minds in the world (who participates!).

One of the creative brainy person I know took and accepted the challenge and designed his own t-shirt print!

See it above, check it out here and if you love it, SCORE IT!

“When you have wit of your own, it’s a pleasure to credit other people for theirs.” 
 Criss Jami, Killosophy