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You & Me: A new series

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Taking photographs and writing are just some of the leisure pursuit I discovered from myself ever since I met Brian (who, as you may have noticed, I love to call as B) about seven years ago. He inspires me in more ways than one to have a creative outlet and express myself, and to not let the day to day routine drag me to live a dull and monotonous life. And since I met him, I enjoyed (and preferred) to document every little beautiful thing that we experience and create together.

One of our many passions is creating self-portraits of us together.

Tranquil Tagaytay

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Tagaytay is dear to our hearts in many ways than one. We’ve been here countless times during boyfriend-girlfriend stage, and we even got married here!

It’s like a luxe yet easy escape to go to when you need a quick breather away from the heat of the city.

Vila Clothing cardigan; pink tutu; Scarlet sandals (as seen here)

Last Holy Week we’ve planned to get away even just for a day or two. We thought of other places but ended up deciding to drive here which is relatively close from Manila. Ideally on a fine day, I enjoy the sight of fresh flowers blooming, offering a vibrant sight to behold. Here’s sharing the beautiful blooms that greeted us in this cool climate escape.

Sweet Camisole

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Pretty Little Blings necklace; Forever 21 camisole top; vintage pencil skirt; The Kewl Shop wedge sandals

I remember the first time I loved the idea of wearing camisole as an outerwear was when I saw Philippine songbird wore one on a Cosmopolitan magazine cover. The idea of  a soft, satin camisole against a structured pencil skirt was very tempting. I’ve had this vintage pencil skirt for quite some time when we unearthed this from my mom-in-law’s basement and I couldn’t find the perfect top to wear with it until I saw this camisole — perfect pastel pink color with a punch of black lace.

This sweet, charming, inviting outfit couldn’t be more appropriate than for darling B’s birthday dinner date.