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Playful Promises Wish List

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1465855_10151861496284163_1288852359_o{ Photo shot by: Brian Sahagun }

Long before I got hitched, there is something special about how I take care of myself. Aside from the regular beauty and skin regimen, I love wearing a luxurious sleepwear. Now that I’m newly married, I have all the more reasons and motivations to dream on wearing tons of sultry lingerie pieces.

Ever since I had my very first silk “grown-up” knickers, I’ve been on a search for lacy, frilly, fabulous pieces!

That’s where Playful Promises comes in, a London based lingerie brand who not only stock lingerie but also clothing, swimwear, hosiery and accessories too! I curated THE BEST lingerie collection anyone could ask for! *wink*

Playful Promises Wish List

Black Satin Waspie{ Black Satin Waspie }

This classic statement piece matches with anything you throw at it. The strong structure gives instant curves. Wear underneath for a sultry hourglass figure, or flaunt as outerwear.

Brian & Jaycelle in Make My Heart Dance, a music video

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{ Music: Honey Child What Can I Do? by Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan }

This is the 4th installment of the DIY videos we have prepared for our wedding reception. Yes, 4!!! We are showbizzz like that. *grin* See the other videos here, here and here.

Allow me to express how proud I am of our very first “scripted” music video! *clap clap clap* Not only is my huband a great photographer, I’m sure by now you have noticed his talent in video editing.

In this video — he directed, edited and shot this video all by himself! And of course with the help of his trusty tripod. Anyhow, I’m very proud of you, darling B!!!

Please watch and I hope you all enjoy!! *love love love*

I’m already day-dreaming of more creative home videos we will create. *le sigh*

P.s. Yes we are accepting photography, videography and make-up + styling gigs. Just contact us to inquire! *wink*

P.s.s. Video inspired by Postcards from Italy

Brian & Jaycelle: Pre-nup Slideshow

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{ Music: “A Kiss to Build A Dream On” by Louis Armstrong }

We have tons of photos from our engagement shoots (we had 3 including our DIY shoot!) that we’d like to share. I already started posting on my Facebook account since last week or two but I haven’t finished!

Today, I’m sharing the slideshow of our engagement / pre-nup photos taken by our friend photographer Heidi Aquende plus our own do-it-yourself photo shoot courtesy of my very creative husband, darling B. *swoon*

P.s. I hope you are not bored yet because there are still tons of wedding stuff that I am going to share here with you. *love love love*