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Happy List: Hello BER months!!!

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1. 1st September is the first day of my favorite quarter of the year!!!
2. Realization: I miss blogging — so I’m back (again!)
3. Tita Vi’s Seafood Gata and the fact that I now know how to eat crabs efficiently on my own *wink*
4. A little date at Old Swiss Inn
5. A box of beauty-happiness from L’Occitane
6. Chanel makeover
7. The gift of health
8. THE moment when we “rehearsed” our “vows” during one of the many marriage seminars, looking at each other’s eye felt like we touched each other’s souls and we both got teary-eyed! *true story*

Happy September 1st, everyone!!!

Granny’s Burger on Foodie.ph

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Food delivery services in Manila are quickly becoming common. So we, as consumers, are very lucky to have several options just when we need it the most. With erratic work schedules and cravings springing instantaneously, food delivery services are such sweet blessings that always come handy.

Foodie.ph Logo

The new concept here is that these companies can sign up ANY restaurant you can think of–even those without delivery services. So now, you can order from anyone, anywhere. Multiple ordering made easy by ordering online!

Foodie.ph Restaurants

If you are like me who is a newbie from ordering food online, this has a “wow” factor, don’t you agree?

And to baptize me in this whole food-delivery-services shebang, I’ve tried my fingers and clicked my way to ordering Granny’s Burger through Foodie.ph!

Granny's Burger on Foodie.phBefore I share with you the yummy food I’ve ordered, I want to share my experience from ordering online through Foodie.ph.

Hooray Thursday: Shower with Love

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Bridal Shower

Sixteen weeks and two days shy from our BIG day, and I am already dreaming about my shower and the night’s little details. *grin*

Ladies’ Night.
Bachelorette Party.
Bridal Shower.
Engagement Party.

No matter how you call it, it’s one of the special nights with your best-est best friends! A night where you will be honored by their presence in your life. A time to send you off to that bliss, wishing you nothing but pure and long-lasting happiness. *such a heart-warming thought*.

TeacupsI’ve always been in love with teacups and tea party. *swoon*

Bride to be SashI’m already smiling ear to ear with the thought that I’m really a bride-to-be. It won’t hurt to flash it with this pretty sash. *le sigh*

Desserts TableGirls love sweets, anytime of the day!

Gift || FavorsBridal showers’ major highlight of the night is the showering of gifts. Would be super honored!

Bridal Shower GameThe night would not be complete without playing some crazy wild games, yeah?

A girl can dream. Good night, loves! *heart*