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Happy birthday, lil brother!

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It’s the 6th day of the 6th month of the year! 2013 is almost halfway through, can you believe?! And today happens to be the special day of a special man in my life — my little brother, Glenn!

I, inconsistently, share few stuff about my little family just like today.

I’m very proud of you, little brother. I just wish that may all your heart’s desires be granted and that you lead an exciting and meaningful life.

I love you to bits!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Korean dinner soon? xo

Happy birthday, little brother!!! #brother #brotherlove #birthday #greetings

help me choose which shoes to choose

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It’s finally raining here in QC area Manila! Woohoo! Not that I’m entirely thrilled that summer seems to be over BUT this rain made the scorching hot weather take the back seat. That means a more comfortable feeling and disposition during the day and a bedweather we can all enjoy tonight. *smiles*

Unlike probably most of you who had a hard time deciding on who to vote, I am still having a hard time deciding on what shoes to pick! (Excuse my apathy about the recently concluded elections. I just don’t want to dip my toes in that water.)

BUT I certainly would love to dip my toes in these babies!!!

So ladies, if you have a minute, why don’t you help me choose which shoes to choose. Now, that’s from THE Master Rhymer! *laughs*

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Jeffrey Campbell-inspired shoes }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Christian Louboutin-inspired shoes }

Shoes Shoes Shoes{ Valentino-inspired shoes }

Sweet Ecstacy

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This is my favorite painting amongst those on display at Sweet Ecstacy Milkshake + Cookie place.

IMG_6571Welcome to Sweet Ecstacy!

As promised I will share this Al Galang’s baby, Sweet Ecstacy, with you but since I am running out of time before midnight, here’s a sneak peak for now but I will return tomorrow with a bit of a virtual tour of this quirky arts place + cafe hang out place.

Good night for now. xo

UPDATED: 8 May 2013, Wednesday

I’ve passed by Sweet Ecstacy a couple of times in Cubao X and it seemed like a milkshake place, which I eventually found out that it really is indeed a milkshake + cookie place!


IMG_6565And currently, they are also serving burgers! Which I have yet to try.. maybe after November *smirks*


IMG_6568I love the simplicity and casual-feel it exudes with some vintage elements like these posters plus the use of red and white colors. Feels so retro!



IMG_6580Another element that gave this place an interesting feel are the paintings that are displayed. My B and I love anything and everything artsy and this place seem to fit the bill. Plus a somewhat extensive milkshake and cookie line up under their belt doesn’t hurt. That could only mean frequent visits to try different milkshake + cookie combination, not to mention instant destress session just by admiring the paintings that will be exhibited from time to time.







IMG_6589And this is what I’ve tried — Nutella + Chocolate Chip Cookie!!! It’s moist, it’s soft, it’s sweet, it’s heavenly! Only thing missing is a cup of fresh milk (if only I hadn’t gulped down a huge glass of warm calamansi juice from the neighboring resto)!



Milkshake + Cookie place that offers beer? Hmmm… yes… and that’s my B’s preferred drink (instead of milk). *laughs*

Interestingly, they have this Cerveza Negra shake (and part of the top selling shakes!) which I’m urging my B to try, but he refused. I will have to schedule another milkshake + cookie date just so we can try that!


{ His view }

IMG_6605{ Her view }