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Alan’s Grill

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Recently we’ve been pulled towards Cubao X a lot more than I’ve expected and like the usual, we are on the look out for some new place to try. We first saw a place which seemed like a writer’s bar without the library but with the dark sexy appeal to it. Their staff directed us to Alan’s Grill though when we asked where we could dine for dinner.

Alan's GrillIt is a usual drinking place but we realized that there is not much restaurant in this little place where we can eat so we had to settle. And since I missed to eat this pork dish called Chuchifrito from NACI, I’ve been craving for this or something similar and this did not disappoint to satisfy my hunger for pork meat!

Fried chicken{ His: Classic Fried Chicken }

Pork chop{ Hers: Porkchop }

Pale{ San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer }

Marcos and Aquino


We chatted the night away, reminiscing about how we started being “friends” and even before we started dating. And boy was I surprised that there are discrepancies on our memories! *laughs* This needs to be resolved before our big day! We don’t want to share conflicting stories about our love life. *laughs*

From reminiscing to appreciating art works… We’re off to Sweet Ecstacy! To be continued tomorrow…

Have a happy Monday! xo

Happy birthday, Tita Vi!

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A couple of days ago, it was my B’s mom, Tita Vilma’s birthday. My ever sweetest darling decided to cook for his mom and I would like to share with you what he cooked!

Truly a simple yet delicious meal that touched a mom’s heart… and my heart too! My fiance is THE SWEETEST! *swoon*

Tomato & Chili Penne Pasta with Pan-seared Chicken Fillet :)

{ Tomato & Chili Penne Pasta with Pan-seared Chicken Fillet }

The ingredients:

Chicken breasts seasoned with salt & pepper

{ Chicken breasts fillet seasoned with salt & pepper }

Parsley, tomatoes, garlic, chili & olive oil

{ Parsley, tomatoes, garlic, chili & olive oil }


{ Penne }

Garlic & chili in olive (left) With parsley & tomatoes (right)

{ Garlic & chili in cooking olive oil (left) With parsley & tomatoes (right) }

Pasta & sauce

{ Pasta & sauce }

The birthday woman:

Happy birthday, Tita Vilma! :)

Happy birthday, Tita Vilma! 🙂

Thanks for cooking, B! I’m sure Tita Vi really appreciated your effort! Pwede ng mag-asawa! Ha ha! *grin*

NACI Comfort Food, your comfort place

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Let me just warn you — this post will make you salivate due to the flood of deliciously-looking and even more deliciously-tasting line up of food fare!

NACI is all about having the complete dining experience. From the refreshing, brightly-colored interiors, to the smooth servers down to the delectable dishes that’s truly a sight to behold — dining at NACI truly is a feast to delight in!

NACI means “rice” in Kapampangan but they did not limit their menu to Pampanga dishes alone, in fact they specialize in rice dishes but they have an impressive line up of menu!

NACI basically translates international cuisine and local comfort food to something that’s palatable fusion to your taste buds.


NACI Comfort FoodThe spacious interior is inviting. Totally made me feel welcome! And who doesn’t love quilted chairs? Or quilted anything?? *I know I do!*

I’ve never been to their Greenhills branch where they stayed for more than a year before transferring to Bonifacio Global City but my friend said that this new interior design is much preferable for him.

NACI Comfort FoodIn total the interiors look so hip, so young, so vibrant! The high ceiling helped a lot in making it inviting, homey and refreshing to the eyes.

NACI Comfort FoodThe bright-hued chairs gave this place a happy vibe — perfect to capture the attention of the yuppies around Fort business district and the families or friends looking for a place to celebrate life’s achievements, whether big or small.

NACI Comfort Food Cohen-Friendly MenuWhile waiting for our feast, I’ve noticed that they have Cohen-friendly menu. This is something first for restaurants to offer and as of right now, there are only a few who are doing this and one of the very few is NACI. *wink*

NOW… shall we start our visual feast?

Note: This is the only time I used *pigging out* again!


My top favorites: Classic Salpicao — high quality, super tender and flvorful beef and Beef Taco Springroll — the no-mess taco! *hmmm… so good!!!*

NACI Comfort Food Nat's Appetizer Sampler Php520{ Nat’s Appetizer Sampler Php520 }

Choice of Four of Naci’s Best Selling Appetizers. Ours was Beef Taco Springroll, Cajun Mozzarella Balls, Classic Salpicao and Glazed Chicken Wings.

*Price-wise, getting the sampler proved to be much more reasonable than ordering each appetizer separately.


My top favorite: Kani Mango Crunch Salad. This is my salad of choice. Easy to eat plus I love the wasabi-mayo salad dressing!

NACI Comfort Food Kani Mango Crunch Salad Php280{ Kani Mango Crunch Salad Php280 }