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Renovating the Dollhouse

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Hello, dolls! This is a quick post to share with you the exciting news that we’re curating here backstage.


Dollhouse Diary is turning over a new leaf!

From cutesie little buttons which represent the girl-y in me to the alluring kiss mark logo icon that represents the baby is now a lady! Haha!

Although we are aiming to give this blog a makeover, we are keeping it true to its original purpose – and that is to inspire to celebrate the little pleasures in life by way of documenting and sharing the things that I love.

Have a great evening! xo

Leona Art Restaurant

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My B and I met with our friend Joseph and his new friend to catch-up over dinner. We were supposed to go to Chef Tatung which we later found out that they already moved to Fort area. Bummed with the thought that we cannot think of a “new” place we can try along Maginhawa St., I tried my hardest to remember this little hideaway eating place adjoining Maginhawa St. — Leona Art Restaurant.


This secret restaurant offers Italian and Mexican dishes freshly cooked upon ordering. Just allow ample time for your orders to be served. If you ARE REALLY HUNGRY and you already know what you would like to order, you can call and order in advance. Saves time and your sanity! *wink*

IMG_0591_dpp_1200_a-stormy-skyTheir price point is pretty OK too. It’s very reasonable for the taste of their dishes.

The interiors are just OK. It’s a bit swamped with tables actually. Although there are not a lot of diners, it would be so much better if they have more space in between tables so that you cannot overhear conversations from the next table. Another point for improvement would be their tablecloths, it seemed like they rarely wash them off and a dirty tablecloth is like an antidote to my appetite.

IMG_0594_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ His: Roast Chicken with mashed potato Php139 }

Only tried the mashed potato but it’s not the taste that I like the most.

IMG_0595_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ His: Three-cheese pizza Php180 }

It’s thin crust has just the right amount of crunchiness to it. You can really taste all the cheeses blended well together. It’s delicious with or without the hot sauce.

IMG_0598_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Hers: Chicken & Pesto Php165 }

 I really love their pesto sauce and how al dente the pasta is, my suggestion though is for them to update their grilled chicken recipe. It is TOO salty for my taste and that must be really salty because I’m known to like salty food.

IMG_0599_dpp_1200_a-stormy-sky{ Quesadilla Php110 }
This is our friend’s but I took a bite anyway, and it is so good. Hot and just fresh!


IMG_0608_dpp_1200_a-stormy-skyAside from being a restaurant, Leona Art also holds some knick knacks for the curious you but we have to go back there to take a picture, and maybe even shop some of them. *grin*

Overall, I love this little place. Taste and price-wise, it’s worth the trip. *wink*


Leona Art Restaurant
45 Matimtiman Street, Teacher’s Village
Quezon City
Phone: 929-7490

How to choose a venue for your wedding

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One of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day will be where to hold your wedding ceremony – will it be outdoors (like garden) or inside a church? With me, I originally thought that a garden ceremony was part of my dream wedding. This idea eventually changed as we dip our hands into the planning process. Most of our wedded friends suggested that having our ceremony in a church is much more convenient in terms of producing document requirements for our future kids’ school etc. Hearing about our future kids’ school requirement is not that appealing at that time, but after several discussions and deliberations, we kind of agreed to it — after all, Philippines is still dominantly a Catholic country.

Church it is! Once you have decided that it is going to be a wedding ceremony in a church, several other considerations will appear – will it be an intimate or a grand wedding? What kind of ambiance would you like to experience? What tone would you like to set for your dream wedding? Your answers to these questions will affect your choice of a church. Here are some practical considerations that will hopefully help you decide.

Paco Park Church

Sentimental Value

Choose a church that has some sentimental value, some connection or that has meaning to you or your fiancé. This way, you will feel thrilled to get hitched in a place that is special to you both.

We had 2 choices: St. Pancratius Chapel in Paco Park and Transfiguration Chapel – Caleruega in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Caleruega Church

When I first visited Caleruega Retreat House, also-known as Transfiguration Chapel way back when I was in high school, I knew it will be something special in my life. I was bowled over by its charming little chapel atop a mountain, its lush greenery, its quiet peaceful surroundings, cool climate and panoramic view.

Although there were rumors circulating during our HS retreat that there is a white lady in the chapel, the creepiest part of it is that the white lady was an abandoned bride. Her groom did not show up that caused her to commit suicide.

Despite the creepy white lady story (which didn’t bother me at all), this lovely chapel is closer to my heart. We visited it together once before and that gave it more meaning. I silently wished, hoped and prayed that someday we will go back here for our wedding.

We did go back, this time for our ocular visit, a delicate smile painted my face as I was reminded of my silent prayer. When we entered the chapel, I just knew this is the one.


Your church must be readily accessible, easy to locate, have ample parking space and is near your wedding reception venue. For out-of-town weddings, it is best to provide a map or directions included in your save-the-dates or invitations. Your guests will love you even more for it!


Do you prefer a day wedding or night wedding? Formal or a more casual wedding? In all cases, the choice of church will set the tone for the kind of wedding you desire.

In our case, we initially wanted a night wedding to have a dinner reception. But since we combined the idea of having a garden wedding and a church ceremony — Caleruega IS THE perfect spot for us! It allows guests to enjoy the greeneries just like in a garden, and it also adheres to the Pinoy wedding traditions.

Size Of Guests

Determine whether your wedding will be an intimate affair or a big one. This will help you in choosing a church that will accommodate all your invited guests.

Cathedrals or basilicas are suitable for such big weddings. Chapels, on the other hand, are apt for intimate nuptials.

Since we also desire to celebrate with an intimate group of families and friends, this petite chapel fits the bill.


Most churches charge a fee for weddings. Find out the associated fees from your desired church and compare it to your allotted budget. Also consider if the church includes flower arrangements, if not, consider the size of the church and the flowers required to dress up the venue which will add up to the needed budget.

Moreover, be aware of the rules and regulations as well as the limitations and restrictions followed in the church of your choice.

Find out if you can write your own vows; select your own readings; select your own songs; wear a wedding gown that suits your taste, even if it means it’s less conservative; throw rice grains or rose petals etc.

I hope this equipped you in finding and choosing your dream wedding venue.

Happy wedding prep!

*Originally posted in Brodude + Ladybabe Wedding Planner