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The Gift Guide: Shop for HIM this Valentine’s

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Dollhouse Diary Gift Guide for HIM this Valentines-2It’s time to share some love for your beau. I’ve come up with a few suggestions to make shopping for your man as easy and fun as possible. *wink*

Rex Clothing Sweater Stripped Red1.) Rex Clothing Sweater (Stripped Red)

Grid Trousers2.) Grid Trousers

Grosby Groove Red Shoes3. Grosby Groove

TIMEX CAMPERS Black Watch4.) Campers by TIMEX

BANANA REPUBLIC REPUBLIC OF M EDT5.) Banana Republic Republic of M Eau de Toilette

Atypical A+ypical citypak Black Backpack6.) Atypical A+ypical citypak

All these and more are available through Zalora Philippines!

Want additional discount? 😀 Type “dollhouse121” on the Discount Coupon box upon checkout. Have fun shopping and spread the love love love!!!

[BTS] Make-up + Engagement Styling: Rein & Peter Pre-nup Photo Shoot

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January 27, 2013 Sunday


I got thrilled when a friend of my B from work, Dewn – who is also a photographer, mentioned that he has a client who is looking for a makeup-artist. Another one of their friends, Ginel, was the one who contacted me on behalf of Rein, the bride-to-be. They originally wanted to shoot their pre-nup or engagement at Club Balai Isabel in Batangas but since I’ve stumbled upon a good venue rental for photo shoot from Jardin de Miramar in Antipolo, I’ve suggested that location since it’s also near Manila and they gladly took the suggestion.

Aside from booking me to do Rein’s flawless make-up, they also asked me if I can help them in styling the couple during their engagement shoot. Since they are referred by friends, I gladly took that extra task with no additional cost. *wink*

The bride-to-be agreed with the photographer to have a vintage feel of the concept. And since I’m one of the biggest fans of that theme, I told Rein to bring what’s needed to achieve the look and feel we want. Of course I would not forget to bring my own stash of accessories and props to put into good use.

While I was doing her make-up, I found out that this couple were already civilly married with one kid but the groom-to-be, Peter, still wants to keep his promise to Rein that they will get married in church. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard that day. It’s just too inspiring.

After Project Prettify and Glam-up, we went on location at UP Diliman Campus grounds to shoot the first two layouts.



Lunch was at Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa St. and it’s filling and delicious. Good enough to recharge our powers before the second half of the shoot at Antipolo.




That’s a wrap! Crazy group shots of the people behind-the-scenes of this engagement photo shoot. This one tops my list!


What a good way to wrap up a long day than with a milk tea in hand. *smiles*

I am as excited as ever to see the official photos once released by Dewn. I can’t wait!

To see more of the BTS (behind-the-scenes) of this lovely pre-nup photo shoot, please view in my Flickr.


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Outtake from Rein <3 Peter pre-nup shoot{ Outtake from Rein and Peter’s pre-nup shoot taken last Sunday }

It’s a beautiful day! I feel better in what seems like ages. Most of my friends think that I’m all sunshine and laughter but from time to time blah creeps like a little monster. Little frustrations defeat my bubbly self.

Today is an exception. I feel fine. I feel fresh, because it’s a brand new start!

First up, I am really grateful for your visits on the blog despite the irregular blog posting schedule. You know that I try to squeeze in some blogging time every time I can. Second, thank heavens for the new internet modem! Lack of internet connectivity is one of the major reasons why I missed writing for a little over two weeks. Third, I couldn’t be more grateful with the career opportunities that’s being thrown my way. I’ve done a couple of portrait make-up sessions and an out-of-town pre-nup of a lovely couple. Looking forward to more of that! And last but definitely not the least, we are making our way back to our wedding planning. Busy work and social schedules hindered our planning sessions but we started again last night and I’m hoping we contain the momentum until we are almost done.

Tonight will be our movie date night! We’ll catch Les Miserables and I couldn’t be more excited. Maybe we can squeeze a 20-minute back massage, yeah? *smiles*

P.s. This day could not get any better! Just as I was wrapping up this blog entry, our jeweler texted that she emailed us the photos of my Bella ring in the making! I died by the looks of it. It’s lovely even if it’s only half done! I’m close to wearing my dream ring!!! *swoon*

Happy Wednesday, lovely people!