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Choosing wedding songs…

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Just because we already booked the church and reception, we're now excited to choose songs for the wedding procession! :D

Just because we already booked the church and reception, we’re now excited to choose songs for the wedding procession! 😀

My B complied a couple of song options and so far there is one song that gave me goose bumps. This is surely going to be added on the final song list.

But our options seem inadequate so, any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Send them my way, please? Thanks in advance for being awesome! 😀

Sweet ending to a beginning…

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Today we’ve succeeded… in booking our preferred date for our wedding! I couldn’t be happier and amazed that we’ve booked both the ceremony venue and the reception in one day. We feel so accomplished.

There is a back story too on the ceremony and reception venue options and the reason why I feel blessed that we’ve booked what we’ve booked (we’ll keep it to ourselves for now until we have arrange most of what we need *wink*)… but that story would have to wait.

This is just a quick hello and update on our wedding planning. I want to retire a little bit early tonight. Good night, folks!

Power snack!{ Glazed sweet potato, banana rolls with sesame & jackfruit, and smashingly sinful homemade chocolate cake served with tarragon tea }

Such a sweet ending to an already satisfying meal. I have such a happy tummy. Eaten earlier today during “our mission”.

Holiday Snippets

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My weekend of intended relaxation quickly turned into catching up on way too much laundry and tons of organizational projects, add to that the first bridal fair I’ve attended with my B. *yihee*

Although… I thought I would take a few moments today to share to you a few of our Christmas and New Year’s snippets, Instagram style. My holiday involved a lot of spending time with family and loved ones, last minute Christmas shopping, wrapping a mountain of gifts, spending more time in the kitchen trying my skills in cooking new recipes for the first time — like Classic Pot Roast, Beef and Mushroom Pasta and mashed potato (I feel so accomplished! Haha), bonding with little brother over making my lola’s recipe and not to mention my favorite puto.

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Classic Pot Roast }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Lola Kikay’s Puto }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Mashed Potato }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ mom’s hot chocolate }

Holiday Snippets 2012{ Why, hello there! }

Add to that my heavenly moments sipping mom’s rich hot chocolate, munching on those puto, eating lots of desserts including ate Hazel’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and watching batoots dance to Gangnam style (pretty little kids from my B’s side of the family). Holidays with the Sahaguns are also the best time to enjoy hosting a friendly competition and contests amongst kids and kids at heart.

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

Holiday Snippets 2012

December has been a hectic yet amazing month. May this month of January and each month onwards have as much love and blessings as the previous ones.

I’ll be stopping in again soon with a few bits + pieces of my reflections on 2012, but in the meantime I’m wishing you all had a very beautiful weekend and a bright Monday. Lots of love! Cheers to a fresh start!