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Save Myself

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Here’s a “music video” with the song, Save Myself, which my B composed on August 2, 2003 and recorded with me this year last June 28. My B created this video from the footage and stills from my birthday picnic last November 28.

My B declared that this song is especially dedicated to me. *swoon*

We’re engaged!!!

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I still can’t believe that I’m breaking this exciting news with all of you! It used to be just a dream — to walk down the aisle with all that jazz and be with my greatest love for all of our lives. And soon, it will be a reality waiting to be unfold. *swoon*

On my birthday, I was really in for the biggest surprise of my life!

Below are some of the photos we’ve managed to release (with our busy schedules), but there are tons of other precious pictures and precious moments to share about my birthday and about how my B proposed with the help of the game he created and called Puzzloid. *giggles*

{ my birthday picnic at Washington Sycip park in Makati }

{ we enjoyed the free music background courtesy of the park while sipping the uber sweet strawberry juice }

{ packed up and ready to continue my birthday at TWG Tea Salon }

Cheers to our friendship and our love!!!

I hope to be able to share each and every step we take and learnings from the preparation and planning for our big day to inspire and maybe help other clueless-brides-to-be just like I am now. *grin*

Spread the love love love!

PenPen dinner and a quick stroll around Cubao X

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Right after satisfying our creative souls, we realized how hungry we were. Though we ate a burrito and chicken gyro being sold at the fair, that just wouldn’t cut it. And since we are feeling giddy and excited with all the arts we’ve ogled on and all the creative juices that started to flow, where else could we possibly think to go to grab a bite but in Cubao X. See my previous post about this lovely place.

And where else did we grab dinner? At PenPen’s again. *smirks*

PenPen's Dinner{ His: Coors Light. Hers: Pandan Iced Tea }

PenPen's Dinner

{ Their famous Crispy Liempo, Php185 }

PenPen's Dinner

{ Super delicious Laing, Php70 }

PenPen's Dinner

{ Genuine smiles of two persons with a very happy tummy! }

PenPen's Dinner

{ PenPen’s menu as of November 2012 }

There was no time to waste. After our satisfying dinner, we strolled inside Cubao X. We’ve seen a lot of new resto and bars that are interesting enough that we already plan to have our night out with friends at one of the bars there. But this window display caught my eyes. I felt a warm fuzzy feeling. *le sigh*

PenPen's Dinner

{ A very pretty Christmas window display of MBS boutique inside Cubao X }

And… as promised, here’s a glimpse of the purchases I made at the arts and crafts fair. I’m one happy kid!

PenPen's Dinner