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Raintree Teaspresso Blends

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30 July 2012, Monday

What happens when you have not seen your good friends… on a rainy day and you’re craving something yummy… and knowing you have missed a lot of new eats???

Answer: An afternoon full of impromptu food trippin’ along Katipunan!!!

First stop — Raintree Teaspresso Blends

Raintree Teaspresso Blends

Clang by the counter

Cafe display

French Macarons price list

“Excited” is an understatement of how I truly feel knowing that more and more cafes and even restaurants are offering this pretty treat — French Macarons! More and more flavors are coming out of the market and I’m ecstatic with the thought that I will try and complete all flavors being offered on the face of the earth!

Cupcakes and French Macarons

It was a rainy day and most school classes were suspended. It only means a jam-packed cafe and less food on display like these cupcakes and French Macarons.

My favorite Red Velvet cupcake and most of the other macaron flavors were sold out so I opted to take out their First Kiss cupcake at Php60 and Nutella Rocks at Php45.

I will go back when all their French Macarons are available and I will revel in them on one hand and a cup of their freshly brewed tea on the other hand.

Raintree Teaspresso Blends
141 Katipunan Avenue
St. Ignatius Village
1110 Quezon City, Philippines
Hours: Mon – Sat:11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Phone: 9904554/ 09328428927
Email: raintreeteapressoblends@ymail.com


Next stop — Manila Bake! Visit us again to read my post on it… *smiles*

2 August 2012 Update: Manila Bake post is up!

Aracama Filipino Cuisine

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26 July 2012, Thursday

Aracama Filipino CuisineAt my very first Eat’s A Date event, I was invited to dine at Aracama Filipino Cuisine at the Fort area. I did not do any research on this restaurant until now that I am writing about it and I quote..

Celebrities (in Manila) are said to have a new favorite hangout in town, and it’s owned by the group of Junior Master Chef judge Fernando Aracama, TV host-eventologist Tim Yap, and their business partners.

No, it’s not a new “it” club like those they successfully put up all over Manila and on Boracay Island in recent years.

This one is a restaurant called Aracama Filipino Cuisine, located at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, right where the old Embassy and Encore clubs used to be.

Compared to their previous businesses, this one is clearly quieter, more relaxed, perhaps even more substantial in menu.

FILIPINO FOOD IS THE STAR. It’s been a longtime dream of Chef Fern to see Filipino food at par with international fares, like French or Japanese cuisine.

AracamaThis fact added to the excitement that I’ve finally try this place which only started last June 2012.

AracamaI was impressed with the classy, spacious and the feeling that you’re home in a pinoy’s place with a fresh, home-cooked goodness waiting to be discovered.

AracamaBy the way they set up the place, it’s fit for families and friends to come together to enjoy and celebrate the Filipino cuisine, our cuisine.


TOSH: Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti and Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato

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22 July 2012, Sunday

After the weekend full of non-stop rain, lots of little naps and piled up errands, we have decided that it’s time to be out in the city, see a little sunshine and eat a happy, scrumptious meal. Since The Old Spaghetti House has been a long time favorite as you probably would have noticed here, here , here and here it was no-brainer that we have decided where to go to for our Sunday lunch date.

I was not feeling well either and the memory of last night’s delivery dinner from Mang Inasal is another sickening thought. So imagine my desire to finally be able to eat something delicious.

And this is what they served me… after waiting for more than 30 minutes…

Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti
{ Hers: Chicken Piccata w/ Garlic Spaghetti P160 }

From the looks of it, this pasta and chicken combo looked sicker than I was! Chicken Piccata, as far as I know is seasoned and dredged in flour before being browned in butter or olive oil. This is far from being browned as it surely looks pale than I was even when sick.

Not just the look I must say, much more is its taste! The tangy sauce of the Chicken Piccata seemed to worked double-time as the sauce of the supposedly garlic spaghetti. There was not even a hint of garlic.

Needless to say, I didn’t finish my pasta because I didn’t like the tangy sauce on my pasta. And since I’m hungry, I just made do eating the chicken. Such a sad lunch.

Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato
{ His: Grilled Porkchop w/ Mashed Potato P185 }

On the other hand, my B ordered their porkchop. It was chewy and not the usual taste of a delicious porkchop. It was just OK for a hungry person.

Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle
{ Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle P115 }

The Old Spaghetti House

In our hopes to salvage our lunch, we decided to order a dessert and we chose Blueberry Cheesecake Trifle. I was hoping they’ll use real cream cheese but they didn’t. This dessert failed my hopes and expectation, too.

Overall, it was one of the rare chances that I did not enjoy TOSH (Ali Mall branch). I am hoping that their team of chef will improve these food that we happen to try all at the same time.

Photo Credits: Brian Sahagun