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Milk Carton
Photo credits to www.precisionnutrition.com/protein-limit

Today is a very special Monday. ┬áIt’s been 2 weeks since Dollhouse Diary has been quiet. Blame it on my 9-5 job but it also has something to do with the bug with my WordPress plugin. I couldn’t login on the website, not even on their iPad app. I even panicked thinking someone has hacked my account. I was relieved to know that it’s just a bug and it’s been fixed. I have tons of backlogs from events and Palawan trip I’ve been to and I’ve been meaning to share it with you.

Thank you for bearing with us and for continuously supporting by visiting Dollhouse Diary.

Aside from my B finally fixing the bug in WordPress (I owe you a bunch!), I made a few quirky little discoveries.

* an office friend also uses phosphorous to eliminate bad odors from fart or poop smell (excuse me! hahaha)
* another office friend likes milk tea which is cute because I can only imagine it’s good but I can’t drink it because of my tummy although I’m not lactose intolerant
* another office friend is my buddy in eating ‘diet’ food and willing to walk the stairs with me from 22nd floor down to 7th! Huzzah!
* I’m in love with cute little milk cartons and I happen to try a local farm fresh milk! Can’t wait to share it with my B.

On another note, we are already preparing for our upcoming Boracay trip which will be the last summer getaway this year. One of the major plans I have in spending my time at the beach is spoiling myself reading my favorite magazine – Cosmopolitan Philippines! After eons of years, I finally gave in and purchased another copy yet again with Anne Curtis on the May 2012 cover issue. I can’t wait to open it and read every part of this issue. I just think my beach trip will be awesome!

How have you been? What have you been up to? Hope all is awesome with you!

Happy List: Cafe and Sweets

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Cafe & Sweets picnic bag and ice pop maker ^_^{ Cafe & Sweets picnic bag }

Jaycelle’s Happy List

  1. this pretty picnic bag. *swoon*
  2. working out first thing in the morning. energizing!
  3. Tender Juicy hotdog, egg and rice breakfast meal for lunch. classic favorite.
  4. Sentro 1771 birthday dinner for Tita Vi. nice chit chat.
  5. delicious corned beef sinigang. i want more!
  6. navy stripes umbrella. can’t wait to use it at the beach.
  7. courage to ask for extra days off at work. awaiting for much-anticipated fabulous vacation, yey!
  8. celebrating mom’s birthday with closest family. love.
  9. running through my closet and finding lovely pieces that does not fit me anymore and giving them to my cousins as hand-me-downs. even better that they love it!
  10. deal with my B about consistent blogging and getting a ‘surpirise’ gift


Today is your birthday, happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday, dearest mommy!{ My ever dearest mom and yours truly. Taken 25 November 2011 at Edsa Shangri-La by Brian Sahagun }

To you whose hug is soft and fragile yet warm and consoling
To you whose words seem repetitive yet comforting and encouraging
To you whose rearing and nurturing seem lenient yet binding and inspiring
Happy happy birthday, mom! We love you so much! ^_^