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be good to your heart, eat grilled… and laugh out loud!

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i had my annual physical exam at Medical City in Gateway, Cubao yesterday while my B went to his Saturday class. he immediately followed to accompany me while the nurse is getting my blood sample. *scary* soon after, we head to the mall’s food court to search for a good place to eat.. and we rediscovered World Chicken!

World Chicken3{ World Chicken in Gateway, Cubao Food Court }

World Chicken1
World Chicken4

there are 3 step-by-step process in creating your platter and placing your orders. they offer freshly grilled boneless chicken with a choice of either 1 or 2 sidings which can be any type of rice, pasta, mashed potatoes or salads (yes, they categorize rice and pasta as sidings!). you can even choose the sauce you would like for your chicken. y-u-m-m-y!

The Old Spaghetti House, Cuts 4 Tots and Chicago Popcorn Shops

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right after attending the corks and forks event, we all went to SM MOA to meet with B’s niece for her first haircut *yippee!*. while waiting for them, we headed over to The Old Spaghetti House to get some grub for dinner. this has been one of our treasured hang out places because of their comfort food and homey ambiance.

Tita_Vilma_and_Zsi-Zsi1{ … and this is Tita Vilma and Zsi-Zsi prior to getting her first haircut… }

At TOSH, The Old Spaghetti House2, SM MOA

{ US Beef Bistro Steak withParmesan Spaghetti; Pepper-Crusted Fish Fillet with Yoghurt Cilantro Sauce; Calamares, Chicken Fingers, Onion Rings; Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken; 5-Cheese Pizza; American Baked Spareribs }

these were the yummy and delicious food we’ve devoured for dinner. *teehee*

Jayc and Brinow it’s time for Zsi-Zsi’s first haircut. such a milestone for our little angel. i’m only able to take videos of her first haircut experience, so let me share her photo with her new hairstyle..


The Happy List: blue-green-red

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Andrea'sPancitMalabon{ Andrea’s Pancit Malabon in Cavite City }

Lulu’s Happy List

1. joy ride + snacky time at Andrea’s Pancit Malabon (thanks for the treat Tita Vi!) + Ube Inipit (pastry love)
2. my little corner in the office
3. roof deck cafeteria
4. free spa package (hair spa, dead sea salt body scrub & full body massage) at Bejewelled Spa c/o CashCash Pinoy
5. discovering Korean ice cream is love
6. lazy Saturday at home
7. blue-green-red ensemble
8. being part of the Blogapalooza community
9. McDo Oreo McFlurry + french fries
10. play date at the park with baby Jajie and Ninong Pogi