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Fashion Designer Spotted

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Furne One, the international Filipino designer behind the Dubai-based high fashion house Amato, has been boosted into an instantaneous career peak after being invited by supermodel Heidi Klum herself to dress up the aspiring models in her reality TV show Germany’s Next Top Model 2010.

Amato&Germany'sNextTopModel2010{ Photo from Stylebible.ph }

And last year at the Furne One 10.10.10 show, One’s War and Roses Fashion Show in Manila, Philippines, I had an amazing experience to be at the front-row seat and experience his stunning collection come alive.

IMG_4350{ Photo by Brian Sahagun }

I feel privileged for the chance to have a photo op with Furne One himself with one of Philippines’ supermodel, Marina Benipayo. *glee with joy*

The latest news about Amato Couture is that two of today’s biggest pop stars have worn his creations — Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez! *amazing!*

KatyPerryandJLoWearsAmatoCouture{ Photo from Stylebible.ph }

I’m just so proud to be a Filipino! More power, Furne One. xoxo

It’s the start of the ‘ber’ months!

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and i’m feeling all sentimental and excited! *smiles*

happy September 1st, dolls! i knew it from the cold breeze and snugly feeling that my favorite season is fast approaching once again! i can’t believe how time flies so so fast and we are now entering the start of the ‘ber‘ months. *feels like i am still just starting my 2011*

that means our upcoming travel getaway, my birthday, our love anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s and the long holiday is just peeping around the corner and waiting for it’s right time to unveil it’s glory. *oh yeah!* there’s a lot of exciting preparation and planning on the way! *can’t wait to start*

building_doubledecker{ Photo from Momentané }

on the other news, we moved offices and are now in makati. it felt like it was my 1st day back to school, not to mention the feeling of going to a new school when i first went to our new office. i must say that i wasn’t into the move and all at first (i’m not a makati girl!) but now that we’re already there, i can’t do anything but appreciate, accept and be excited about this refreshing change.

IMG_5155{ my little corner at the new office. sorry for the clutter as we just moved in last aug 31 *hehe* }

working in makati though requires a lot of patience and fondness for walking… real long distance! but hey, i’m happy with my corner office with the view of ayala ave. so i guess it’s all worth it. *smiles*

IMG_5156{ view of ayala ave. from my window }

that’s it for now, folks! keep it positive and may you all have something great to look forward to. xoxo


The Happy List: 8 months in the making

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Hello hello! Happy Sunday! It’s Sunday night but it doesn’t feel as if I only have few more hours left before sleeping to prepare for tomorrow’s work day (thank goodness!). Thanks to the looong weekend to give way to our National Heroes’ Day and Eid ul-Fitr. I love holidays!

I miss writing and sharing my Happy List with you and today I feel glad to be able to share this with you (after 8 months hehe). We visited mom yesterday and had lunch eating my favorite mom’s kare-kare and B’s request – Pinakbet. And today, we visited Tita Vilma here at the White House, attended Chylle Louella’s christening and for B to start with his Ukay Halukay project. *grin*

…now onto my Happy List…

Amour-Propre{ My friend Clang’s tattoo }

Lulu’s Happy List

1. happy looong weekend!
2. sisterettes Millie & Clangkers
3. non-stop laughter with friends
4. visiting home surplus shops
5. surprising B and being surprised by my B
6. handcrafted tape measure camera neck strap by my B
7. when B and I do strategic planning + creative thinking + productive ventures
8. family luncheons + mom’s cooking
9. being part of life’s celebrations
10. buying gift for myself. self love is cool