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A Birthday Picnic

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November 28, 2010

I recently celebrated my birthday and boy was I glad that I spent the loveliest picnic birthday so far. The weather in La Mesa EcoPark was just right. Not too sunny and not too gloomy. So long as it’s not raining, the fair weather was perfect for that day.

We’ve got our gingham cloth, our picnic basket, our yummy goodies, our treasured cameras and I’ve got Brian for my date. What more can I ask for? So off to the park we go. *smiles*

IMG_6745{ We looked for the perfect spot in Lopez Picnic Grounds inside La Mesa EcoPark.
Love all that green and yellow! }

IMG_6750{ I specially prepared a picnic goodies for two. }

I couldn’t sleep the night before, not because of over excitement about the picnic (although that can be another reason) but because my B is just so good in pulling off a surprise! I was close to feeling depressed when I heard my B said something like “What do you want as a gift? I’ll buy it for you.” I said, “Is that for real? You didn’t prepare anything for me this year? You’re not usually like that.” B asked, “How am I usually?” I answered, “You are thoughtful and full of surprises.” And then my B just smiled.

And full of surprises he is! As I was about to sleep, I pulled the pillow and to my surprise I saw a sleek black camera with white casing! My B gifted me with Canon S95! Holy smokes that is so awesome! I’m really so happy and excited. Thanks again, darling. I love love love your gift. And thanks Tita Vi for accompanying Brian to buy this gift. *wink*

IMG_6756{ cherry blossoms centerpiece }

IMG_6751{ BLT Sandwich. Yummy! }

IMG_6758{ Peter Pan Peanut Butter with jelly sandwich }

IMG_6755{ Red Velvet Cupcake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting from Manila Collective, Cubao X }

IMG_6759{ Strawberry Juice }

IMG_6761{ our pretty little picnic spread }

IMG_6775{ This is by far the loveliest birthday picnic I had. Thanks so much, my B. ♥ }

IMG_6786{ Cheers! }

IMG_6822{ Making a birthday wish is part of my little tradition. Try it, it’s fun! }


Lopez Picnic Grounds, La Mesa EcoPark
Five hectares of picnic spots with grilling facilities underneath a forest of varied trees.


Back at home, my mom is busy preparing delectable dishes to serve to our guests. She cooked my favorite dish and Brian’s favorite, too! I got my favorite dessert – cream float with fruits on top. And it was nice that they loved it!

I got all the ingredients to make for a perfect birthday not to mention the cool gifts my mom and my brother gave me! Thank you so so much, mommy and little brother! *blush*

IMG_6906{ This is for you! }

Thank you to each and everyone of you who greeted me on my special day!
I appreciate all the cute and lovely messages!

Birthday Picnic Photo Album

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 3/3

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Lulu’s Happy List

  1. “me” time = QP time (McDo Quarter Pounder) plus shopping
  2. B’s spoof: “I just thanked you 5 times, but I can’t thank you enough! Thanks thanks.
  3. my B started sharing and dedicating songs just like in 2007 when I first fell in love with him *mushy* I know 😛
  4. a friend bought me a Forever 21 bag as a birthday gift
  5. discovering Groupon sites and buying my first deal ever
  6. soothing foot spa and pedicure
  7. it’s magic when my B can as if read my mind *blush*
  8. celebrating love month
  9. watching dancing fountain
  10. singing our lungs out at Red Box

Thank you so much for reading!

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The Happy List: The Long and Short of It 2/3

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IMG_5681Lulu’s Happy List

  1. food trip with my B
  2. finally watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  3. Canon PhotoMarathon experience
  4. getting free F&H one-piece swimsuit and lots of other freebies
  5. carousel ride
  6. Araneta Center’s lighting of Christmas Tree *magical*
  7. Yes Man movie
  8. day at the park with my B and Tita Vi
  9. part of the party planner, Dora-theme for Jajie
  10. meeting new French friends

There’s more to come! So please visit here again soon.

Care to share what’s making you blush and happy?