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Sewn with Love

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I have been wanting to create handmade pieces from headbands

to necklaces down to handmade cards or scrapbook pages.

Currently, I’ve made 3 items handmade with love.

And… I’ve been wanting to do more.

So… I have a list of things I want to possess to make crafting more fun!

Portable Sewing Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine

and the classic…

Sewing Box

These lovelies will make it fun fun fun doing handmade projects!

How about you? What have you been wanting to have for your

arts & crafts?


Dreaming of rainbow spools.

Hello hello!

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I know I have been MIA for the longest time (considering my blog is fairly new). I’ve been busy between my daily routine and some fun & exciting activities. Like our dinner dates or ‘lil snack date… Or art bonding and home-cooking with my B… Or making handmade headband and head dress plus bib necklace! I’m so stoked! And lots of photos that captured those special moments. So today I’m back and I will try to cover all of my back logs as soon as possible. *wink wink*

So, without further adieu, I just want to say Hello hello! I hope you’ve been well and good. And see you for more random stuff I’d love to share.

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My Birthday Wish List

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One of the reasons why I created this blog is to list down my wishes for my birthday. These may be both tangible and ethereal desires created in my heart through poetic imagination.

Here goes… (In no particular order)

  1. I wish to own a white headphone.

2. I wish to own a charming pink cherry bike and ride a bike (even if it’s not a pink one).

3. I wish to go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

4. I wish to wear a gorgeous red dress and pretty red shoes.

5. I wish to have rainbow-colored balloons.

6. I wish to slow dance to “Will you still love me tomorrow”.

7. I wish to have a tea party with vintage teacups and luscious cupcakes.

8. I wish to go on a picnic at the park, to dance and laugh in the rain.

9. I wish to ride the carousel…

and the Ferris wheel.

10. I wish to feel my heart’s desirelove and more love… and

be surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people inside and out.

Happy birthday to me!

One more day and I just can’t wait! One of my wishes will actually come true.

We’ll go on a picnic at the park tomorrow!


Photo credits: weheartit, ffffound & thecherryblossomgirl