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The Flying Pig sung at Red Box

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On our love month (yeah we are the type to celebrate this mushy day) , we planned to go and try what they say as Singapore’s best Hainanese Chicken in Makati but, we were so lazy to get up and prep up early. So, we headed to Eastwood City. Thank goodness it’s just a stone’s throw away from us.

IMG_6487{ loving the trees wrapped like a vintage paper straws in Eastwood Mall }

When we checked, our next target restaurant (Korean) is fully-packed with diners, not to mention almost all restos since it was a Saturday night.

IMG_6450{ French-American Bistro }

We scout and scout and finally decided on The Flying Pig’s dinner buffet the minute I heard “roast beef and turkey”.

IMG_6398I’m a self-confessed carnivore and the mention of meat almost makes my mouth water instantly. Loving all the juicy goodness.

A day trip in Island Cove

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IMG_6305{ My favorite season is here! Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park lobby area }

IMG_6339{ Christmas Dollhouse, how cute! }

Tita Vi (my B’s mom) tagged us along when she visited her friends from France who are staying in Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park. The French family was warm, kind, generous and shared some goodies with us. Mon Chéri, anyone?

Tita Rose and Tito Alain even taught us some French words! Since then, my B and I tried our tongue speaking a little of this interesting language. C’est gentil!

IMG_6297{ Mon Chéri }

IMG_6299{ Bonne Maman means good mother. This bread is delicious! }

Ready. Set. Green Light Sale!

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The Green Light Sale is brought to you by TriNoma, in partnership with BPI. For more info, call their Concierge at 901-3000 and visit Trinoma Green Light Sale or their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/TriNoma.AyalaMalls.