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Pancake House

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June 11, 2010, Friday

When I hear Pancake House it reminds me of that feeling of comfort, much like the comfort when you are at your own home. This is how Pancake House is – laid back, inviting and homey. So when we didn’t crave for anything in particular, we headed to this casual-dining restaurant.

Mirror shot

And our tummy were comforted with these treats..

We literally got 1 slice of bacon just like on the menu.

The salad looks so much yummier on the menu. And, it has less bacon bits on the actual salad that was served.

Chocolate Milk Shake was so delicious despite how pale it looks. I missed this! I want more more more.

Of all the food served, Mango Crepe was the closest to the picture on the menu.

Overall, the food did not entirely disappoint (except how few those bacon were) but it’s not something so special to rave about. Though I enjoyed our dinner much like any other special dinners with my B.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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