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My good and beautiful friend supported me all the way by becoming my face model for the colored makeup look meant for color photography.

I originally chose to use pink eyeshadow or at least in that color family but I was left with no choice when the only palette left to use only holds bluish-greenish eyeshadow color family. BUT it turned out to be a great coincidence because she is also wearing pretty peacock earrings. The eye color I used was not really planned to match her earrings but it surprisingly did!

This look is supposedly good only for photography but since the total makeup look is not prominent or makapal, my model still looked pretty in person.

Day 8 – Colored Makeup Look

Model: Steffi Amoranto

Before Pic: Steffi Amoranto

After (Closed eyes)
After Pic: Steffi Amoranto

After Pic: Steffi Amoranto

And since I love my friend and her outfit, here’s a preview. *smile*

After Pic: Steffi Amoranto

To see more photos of my makeup work Before and After photos, please check out my Flickr.


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