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Potato and Onion Torta served with Longganisa Rice

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The past week have been crazy busy for me so apologies for not being able to update the blog for merely a week. Eeek!! I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty interesting because I went on a thrifting date with my B. I will share our precious finds on the following entries. *wink*

For now, let me share one or let’s say two recipes I cooked for my B during a workday. It’s quick, simple and I’d say it’s pretty delicious, too! I used the recipe here and amended to serve just two persons.

{ white onion, peeled, halved, and sliced into slivers }

{ potatoes, peeled, boiled, and sliced roughly }

{ fresh eggs, beaten }

{ Potato and Onion Torta }

{ minced garlic }

{ chopped skinless longganisa, and fry till browned and crispy }

{ steamed white rice }

{ Longganisa Rice }

Serve it hot. Enjoy!

XO, Jaycelle

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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