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Pregnancy Diary: 19 Weeks

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Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks and 3 Days
Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks and 3 Days (July 18) ||| Top: Nine Months via Zalora PH


This week was kind of eventful one with a road trip to Pampanga to attend my B’s bestie’s birthday. We also squeezed in a route to check out MSM American Surplus, which we thought still had a branch in Pampanga, only to be broken-hearted when we saw the empty space they were once situated in. After the merriment of that birthday celebration, we went to MSM’s branch along Edsa-GMA for my thrifting-fix. I cannot not get my fix!

baby’s size:

Crepe Suzette!

my mood:

I’ve been generally a happy camper or should I say a happy preggy camper with no or minimal mood swings except a little annoyance on some of my symptoms.

my symptoms:

Hip and lower back pain. As per my OB, now is the time to learn how to sleep on my side with knees bent. This relieves back pain and prevents shortness of breath. A pregnancy pillow I got recently really helped me in getting a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy brain. Apparently in my case, pregnancy-induced brain fog is true. I can forget even the most common part of my daily routine, or the next word to complete my sentence.

Appetite decrease. This is the most unusual symptom I had especially because I’m known to be a foodie.

Skin changes. Skin discoloration or darkening around my neck, underarms and linea negra on my belly.



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