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Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks and 3 Days
Pregnancy Diary: 20 Weeks and 3 Days ||| Corset: La Senza, Jeans: Forever 21

This was the week when we announced about our pregnancy! We were overwhelmed with the congratulatory greetings and messages of support. It felt good to finally spill the beans and let it all out as we basked into this new found happiness and purpose.

20 weeks also means that we are on our halfway mark, a milestone worthy to be celebrated with a little cupcake!

baby’s size:

Palmier cookie

my mood:

I was pretty much in a happy mood the entire week. And since there was this new-found energy, I frequented the kitchen to practice my cooking skills. There’s no better feeling than to see my B devoured what I prepared for him up to the last bite! Also, it seems like I already felt my baby kicked! I’m not so sure yet but it felt like a little someone fluttered in my belly. *teehee*

my symptoms:

Insomnia. I started having trouble sleeping. It seems hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in even with the help of my pregnancy pillow sometimes. Toss and turn is the name of the game!

Headache. My most hated symptom. An extra sleep does help though.

Hip and lower back pain. They are persistent which is why I’m considering getting a prenatal massage soon.

Abdominal itchiness. I have been meaning to start applying oil, cream or lotion but I haven’t gotten my hands on Bio-oil yet, which was recommended by my OB.

Increased energy. Hence the rise of my kitchen diva-self and emcee diva-self. Which is why I accepted this voice-over talent work for SM Dare To Denim campaign held in SM Southmall.

White discharge. I’m in the market for a longer pantyliner.

Constipation / bloating. This is when I’m loving my oatmeal.

Leg cramps. It’s a good way to wake you up, like an espresso shot.

Cravings. I’ve been craving for cupcakes this week and I’ve tried two — Spoonful Cakes and Pastries and Larissa’s Love Cupcakes and Desserts


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