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Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks

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Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks and 5 Days
Pregnancy Diary: 23 Weeks and 5 Days (August 17) ||| Dress: Ashley Collection – Aloysia Strappy Maxi Dress from ZaloraPH

We had quite a scare when we were at a mall for errands. I peed and wiped and saw light spotting on the tissue and on the pantyliner. I took photos and showed to my B. We were alarmed and tried to call our OB but no answer. We texted and waited and finally she replied that it isn’t normal. We’re advised to monitor it until the next day and if it still persists, I should go to a hospital’s delivery room to get properly assessed.

My guess is that the blood came from my V because of the irritation or itchiness I’ve been experiencing lately. I hardly noted when it started but I can only think of the time when I switched pantyliner. I’m suspecting my new pantyliner is the culprit. Someone also advised not to put cornstarch powder (esp not talc) on my V and to refrain from scratching that can lead to skin abrasion. I didn’t feel anything painful in my belly nor my V but I’m somewhat worried. I kept praying that our baby is OK. Let’s hope for the best and I will continue to monitor my condition.

On the bright side, baby’s starting to kick like crazy — I hope this is a good sign!

baby’s size:

Buche de Noel

my mood:

Happy to be feeling my baby’s kick more and more, yet anxious about this recent scare we had.

my symptoms:

Headaches. This is the symptom that I haven’t figured out exactly when it strikes.

Stomach itch. I’ve been having acne and itchy skin on my belly.

Swelling. Aside from my hands swelling, my feet swells like crazy!


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